My Beauty Cupboard

So this post isn’t travel related but it’s something I enjoy talking about anyways. Beauty products! πŸ’„πŸšΏ
And many of these products I’m going to be taking on my travels anyways so I guess it’s travel related πŸ˜‹. I bought a new beauty bag im going to take with me too. Very useful to hang up in the bathroom! πŸ™‚


Frank Body Scrub
I mentioned this in my last post and I absolutely love it! I ran out of it in the shower this morning but thankfully I’ve ordered a couple of more bags so they should be coming in the mail soon 😍
Frank is 100% Australian owned and made. Their products are mainly scrubs but I see they’ve bought out a face cleanser, body balm and face moisturiser which I have yet to try!


All their scrubs are made out of roasted and ground robusta coffee beans and green coffee extracts. They have no parabens, sulphates or silicones.Β  I always see pictures on their Instagram from toddlers and men using their products which makes me think it’s pretty safe for all ages! It’s great because once you’ve scrubbed in the shower, your skin feels and smells amazing when you’re all dry.


I’ve noticed a difference in my skin since using it as well. I’d upload a photo but I’m half nudy in it so it’s probably not appropriate for here haha.


Order here –
I’ve talked on the radio about this product before and couldn’t believe how many people didn’t know about it!!

Origins Intensive Overnight mask
I have to hide this from my partner as he has really dry skin. He works as a builder so all the stuff he works around makes his skin flaky and dry.
It’s $25 USD from Sephora, so about $38 NZD


I usually use this about twice a week or whenever I feel like my skin is looking really dry. You just massage it into your skin and leave it. It’s great as you can just go to bed with it on and not worry about having to wait 10 minutes like most masks and then wash it off afterwards.
Origins is a natural brand too so they don’t have any parabens or sulfates.
I’m definitely taking this on holiday with me as I love to use it on the plane!! No dehydrated skin for me πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

MAC Mineralized Volcanic Ash Exfoliant
I don’t think I’ll ever be using aΒ  different face exfoliater after I tried this. It’s made with sugar crystals and volcanic ash and leaves your face feeling amazing. I use it about once a week or when I’m about to go out and put make up on nicely πŸ™‚
Costs $29 USD on the MAC website or you can buy it from your local MAC store in NZ which is a bit more spendy.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant

I bought this when I was in duty free coming back from Australia once. I didn’t even want it, I just had a voucher to use and needed to use it up so it was the cheapest thing there.
Now every time I’m in duty free I buy one! It sits on my desk at work and keeps my lips Hydrated while I sit in an air conditioned office. It lasts on your lips for awhile and I love putting a bit on before I put on matte lipstick πŸ’„image

I just tried to look up the ingredients online and the only Elizabeth Arden lip protectant that comes up is in a stick. It either looks like they don’t do it anymore or they’ve replaced it with this…


St Tropez Dark Tan Mousse
The holy grail of all fake tans!!
I used to do spray tans when I worked as a beauty therapist, which are great (until they become patchy when they come off) but if you want something at home, I can’t stress how great the stuff is.
Yes it’s expensive. But you get the nicest colour, and I can vouch for that as I am as pale as a ghost and it never turns me orange.


I’m taking a big bottle of this with me on holiday, and I know what you’re thinking “why don’t you just lay in the sun and get a real tan??”
First of all, the sun causes skin cancer, leathery skin when you’re 50 and ugly sun spots.
Second of all, I can’t tan. I’ve spent weeks in Thailand and Australia and I’ve only ever stayed white, gone a bit pink or burnt.
It is a bit of a hassle to put on all the time but even 1 application lasts nicely for a few days. Obviously do a few consecutive days if you want a dark tan. πŸ™†

2 thoughts on “My Beauty Cupboard

  1. Christina Braccia August 10, 2015 / 4:41 am

    I love at tropez but I’ve never tried the darker one worried it would turn me orange. I will have to give it a try since you’re a fellow ghost!


    • Sarah August 10, 2015 / 4:43 am

      Haha yes! Do it, I haven’t tanned my legs in over a month (winter here) and I just did it today before I go away. So happy to be brown again.

      Liked by 1 person

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