Day 22 – Panama City Beach

On Thursday it was off to Panama city Beach! 😎imageWe made a stop off at the Air Force Base (I think that’s what it was) in Alabama and just had a quick photo stop with the planes etc… and got something to eat.imageWe drove for a couple more hours and then stopped off at this shopping center and got some actual lunch.pita pit_large image (1)

I had Pita Pit (first one I’ve seen here) but it deff wasn’t as nice as back home. They didn’t toast it at the end or have any pineapple :|:|days-inn-panama-city (2)When we got to Panama city we checked in to The Days Inn.
Panama city is where they would have Spring Break in America and I can see why. You can drink on the beach!
They have about 100,000+ college and high school students go in March & April so I can see how it’s get crazy.

Their slogan is “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” due to the unique sugar-white sandy beaches of northwest Florida. It looks so nice!imageimageWe had a really nice view from our room as well!
As Brooke left yesterday to go back home to Australia, I have Amy as my new room mate. Yay! Someone who’s into make up and fake tanning like me haha.imageOnce we’d unpacked a bit. I headed across the road to the alcohol store and bought some Smirnoffs. As you can’t bring glass onto the beach I bought a big pink party cup to pour it into and then joined everyone else on the white sand.imageimageWe went for a swim and the water was so nice. There were a few little fishes swimming around my feet as well. Plus some dolphins in the distance!imageAt around 5.30pm I headed back my room and had a shower to wash the salt water out of my hair.
We all met at the bus at 6.45pm to head to Hofbrau House for dinner. A German restaurant a few minutes away.
I had some chicken schnitzel thing which was all good.imageAfter dinner we headed back to the Days Inn and aΒ few of us headed to the pool and had a few drinks.imageimageI stayed a couple of hours but headed back to my room to finish off my blogs and try and get a good sleep.
I had a really dry throat when I went to bed and this morning when I woke up my glands are all swollen :|:|
I was waiting for my time to get sick on this trip!
At least tomorrow we’re going to Universal Studios in Florida so I’m going to try and have an early night so I’m not hungover on the rides.

*sigh* I’m so gutted I’m sick. I nearly made my entire Contiki without getting sick but oh well!


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