Day 35 – New York City

🎢Neeeew Yorrrrrrrk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in Neeeew Yorrrrrk
These streets will make you feel brand new
The lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York!! 🎢

Did you know I’m in New York?
Has my snapchat and facebook been clear enough? 😯

After my night last night you’d think I’d wake up in a terrible mood but I can’t when I’m waking up in Nyc!
I did eventually get out of bed around 9am-ish. So much for my run at Central Park this morning.

I showered and washed my hair under a shitty – ish stream of water.
I think I just got a bad shower to be honest, the other one I used last night was fine.
The bathrooms here are always clean and nice, I don’t know why people wouldn’t stay in a hostel if you’re by yourself or even with 1 other person. (You can get private rooms) they’re honestly so much cheaper and funner!

Every hostel I’ve been to so far has an outdoor area, game night’s, comedy nights, pub crawls, beer pong, laundry and even a cafe of some sort usually.

The hostel here in Nyc has all those things (but the beer pong)
Tonight downstairs in the movie room they have a comedy night going but it was too cold down there so I came up to my room instead.

Anyways, I’ve gone off track…

Once I was ready for my day, I headed downstairs (for the second time coz I lost my room key some where in between showering and going back to my room) and had a bagel for breakfast with lots of cream cheese.
And of course a lemonade! πŸ‹πŸ‹


I headed down to the subway after that and took the train to Times Square.
Even sitting in Times Square is amazing in itself.
There is just shops and lights everywhere!!
I was meeting my friend Diogenes from the Contiki but first off I was off to MAC cosmetic *my fave* to buy some make up.


I ended up getting a new concealer because I lost mine (or someone took it) in Washington.


And a new blush as I’d just run out


And some bronzer


I also got one of their new Vamplify limited edition lip gloss colours that the girl just raved about.


Next stop was Sephora.
I just want to buy that whole store when I’m there πŸ˜₯
I ended up buying another Naked Urban decay eyeshadow pallet.
If you’ve never used the Naked Pallets and you love eyeshadow, It’s seriously the best eyeshadow out there! (Even if it’s a bit spendy)


Once I’d bought my stuff, I met Diogenes at toys’r’us. I’ve never seen a store so cool for kids before haha.
They had a ferris wheel inside and an ice cream shop, a jurassic theme part with a dinosaur that moved, a barbie section and a candy store!


Diogenes bought some gifts for his sister and cousin and then we headed off somewhere else.
I ended up stopping at a Macaroon store and buying one along with another lemonade because I was so thirsty.



Everywhere we’d walk I swear I had to stop and “just quickly have a look” in one of the stores.
We even went to the Tiffany & Co. Store where I just felt extremely poor when I had to ask the price of everything.
Anyone got a spare $6g? I’m really in love with this bracelet.


After we’d had a look around, we took the Subway to central park and got some street food. I had a falafel (again) but on rice and we went and sat in the park on the grass to eat.


Basically our day was just filled with shopping and alot of walking.
I still feel like I have so much to see though it’s crazy!
But I’m quickly running out of money so I need to find out cheap things to do in New York haha.
Tomorrow I’m meant to be hanging out with my friend who actually lives in New York so I’m not quite sure what we’re doing (if he replies!)


Now that I’m back at the hostel, I’ve spent the afternoon sitting outside updating my blog. Which is why there’s like 4 new blogs at once.
I started getting hit on by some mexican guy that added me to facebook (and I promptly deleted) when I got inside. I must be looking bloody lonely today coz a guy asked me for my number on the subway too just as I was about to get off. I quickly shook my head no and jumped off. Awks!

I think it may be time for a quick shower and some sleepy time. I’m really keen for this run tomorrow!

Sweet dreams from New York! πŸŒ‰


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