Day 56 – London

6th October 2015

I went to the doctors today!
I wasn’t getting any better from my chest infection and I got another cold on top of what I already had when I was coming back from Amsterdam. I felt it was time to go and get some anti biotics so I wasn’t sick for my sail Croatia trip.
I called up a walk – in clinic in London and booked an appointment for 12.30pm.

To pass the time, I did another little look around the shops and tried to find some Summer – type clothes for Croatia.
I had no luck on the streets so ended up going to my appointment a little earlier.


£80 later/$182 NZD, I had a script for some anti biotics from the doctor. She had a listen to my chest etc… and said since I’ve been sick for so long she was putting me on 2 weeks of anti biotics 3x a day.

I decided to head off to the Westfield shopping centre in Shepards bush after the doctors as I was getting desperate for sandals or some new shoes!
My nikes just wernt doing it for me anymore.

The Westfield mall I went to was pretty big. There were like 10 different shoe stores and absolutely none of them sold sandals. I couldn’t believe it!!
The store assistants said it was coming into winter so they only had Winter stock at the time. Do they not realise that people go on holiday!

I grabbed some a falafel wrap while I was there though. I had been craving falafel for so long!


I then went and got a cheeky Ben and Jerry’s ice cream 🙂
Triple Caramel chunk is my absolute favouriteeee.
Why do they not have this amazingness in New Zealand!!

I may have spent a little bit too much at the mall, but it was actually stuff that I needed! I got a duffle bag from Victoria Secrets and bought some new white converse shoes. (Which now I think may be half a size too small 😣)


I also got some black jeans from River Road and some make up from Kiko Milan (as they don’t have that in NZ either)


Kelly and Kara were going out for dinner and invited me to join them but I was still out shopping until like 7pm so I missed it.
I went to the supermarket instead and tried to find something to make for dinner at the hostel.
As I was only there for a few more days it didn’t seem worth it to get lots of ingredients so just settled on some cadbury caramel chocolate mousse puddings for dessert and some rice bubble crackers and peanut butter for dinner. #travellife haha

By the time I got back to the hostel I was knackered. I have a degenerative disc in my neck so my neck was in so much pain from walking around all day and my leg kept getting these sharp spasm pains up it. (Most likely from my flat Nike shoes I was wearing all day)
I had my dinner and drunk a cider in the bar to end my night but didn’t have a big one.  😴
Very exciting day I know! 😅


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