Day 55 – Belgium – London

5th October 2015

Today was our last day together on our Top Deck tour!
We left Amsterdam early in the morning and said goodbye to some of the people on the tour who were staying in Amsterdam.


It was a bit of a drive to Belgium but we got there with a just over an hour to go off and do our own thing. A couple on our trip had booked their flights for that afternoon so we didn’t get to stay in Belgium for as long as we wanted to in case they missed it.



Myself and the girls went off for a walk to find some food and eventually just settled on eating some true Belgium waffles haha.


We were going to get proper food but it was all a bit too expensive.
We went to this place called Oyya for waffles and it was amazing!!


The guy there just made the most amazing creations with our waffles.
I got a waffle with white chocolate flavoured gelato and caramel sauce and whipped cream. Soooo good!!



We then all met back at the bus to head back to London.
Unfortunately we were stuck at the boarder to get onto the boat for like an hour.
You have to go through an immigration type thing and get your passports checked etc… and since there was a few buses ahead of us we ended up getting the 5pm boat I think.

When we got to London from our one and a half hour bus ride to the hostel (our finishing point) it was dark and raining ☔ it made me reconsider wanting to move there actually because I’m like a cat and I hate it when it rains! Also my fake tan runs which isn’t very fun 😐

We all said our goodbyes to the last remaining people when we arrived and I checked into the hostel for the second time that month.
Hostel Review Here
I planned to meet up with the girls again as Kelly & Emily live in London and Ash & Kara were staying for a few more days.

I don’t think I did that much that night. Just went down to the hostel bar for a few drinks and talked to people who were about to go on a Top deck tour.
I was all tired and they were all excited for their upcoming adventures haha.
Plus I was still sick and seemed to have caught a cold on TOP of my sickness from everyone getting sick on the bus. (Probably from me I must admit) 😷

Next blogs will be my 4 days in London

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