Day 45 – Paris

For those of you who’ve come here to read about my Top Deck Experience, it all starts here! Refer back to my previous posts under ‘United Kingdom’ about my few days in London before the Top Deck started 🙂
I stayed at The Wombats Hostel in London which is where the Top Deck started from and it was really good! Probably one of my most favorite hostels on my trip so far.

September 25th 2015

This was my worst day on my trip so far.
I had no sleep because I was up all night with a sore throat and swollen glands.
When I got up at 5am, I had a shower and packed up my bag.
The other girl Emily, in my room was going on the Top Deck tour as well so we both headed down to reception at 6am to meet with the rest of the crew and sign in.

I pretty much sat there feeling like shit for the next hour.
We boarded the bus around 7am and a driver drove us a couple of hours away to the boat that would take us across to Paris.


I slept basically the whole way on the boat. It was about a 2 hour boat trip so I curled up on a couch and lay there freezing from the air con that was blasting through the boat 😦


When we got to France, we met out Coach driver Antonio and went over rules etc… for the Coach.
It was another 2-3 hour drive into central Paris so I had another sleep on the coach. I was honestly feeling so crap, I defintaly have the flu. And to think I got a flu shot before I left as well!
My whole body ached and my ears hurt, my glands were swollen and my head hurt 😭😭 not a fun first day!


When we got into Paris, the first thing I realized was how much litter there was in Paris. Which probably wasn’t the best first impression. And also how many crazy drivers there are!
There’s also a lot of dodgy people hanging around but it may just have been where our hostel was located.
At the moment i’m rooming with two other girls Kelly & Kara (who are friends from New Zealand). Kelly lives in London now though working as a nanny and Kara lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with her husband and 4 year old son.

When we eventually got to our hostel and took our bags up to our room, Kelly & Kara headed out to explore Paris a bit and I re-did my make up coz I felt like I looked crap after feeling sick all day. 😕


At 7pm I headed downstairs to the hostel restaurant where there was a Top Deck included dinner. We were all given some bread & cheese type dish for our entree and escargot and a beef dish for our main.
I was too wussy and didn’t try the snails (escargot) because just the thought of it makes me feel sick.


When we’d finished dinner, everyone boarded the coach for our ‘City of lights tour’
We were driven around all the main sights of Paris and got to see the Eiffel Tower,  Arc de Triomphe, The Pantheon, The Louvre pyramid etc… all under the dark night sky.
We also got to stop for some photos outside the Eiffel Tower at night which was nice. 🙂


We’re going back into the city today (Saturday) so hopefully I’ll get some better pictures in the daylight as my Phone Camera takes terrible pictures in the dark.


We didn’t get back to the hostel until around 11pm after our bus ride so I was soo knackered!
Kara and myself actually went and got crepes for dessert (even though I was nearly falling asleep) we were craving a bit of sugar haha. We got Nutella & Banana crepes from this place down the road from the hostel.


With full tummies we went back to our room where I then stayed up to quickly write a blog post and have a shower etc before bed. I don’t think we all got to a sleep until at least 12.30am.

I thought I’d wake up feeling heaps better but I still feel like crap and now I think I have a temperature 😥😥
I’m currently writing this at breakfast before we all head out on the coach to explore Paris.
There’s a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower tonight before 7pm so I might try and head back to the hostel before then and get a sleep or something in. I really don’t want to be feeling crap for the rest of this trip!

Au revouir!

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