Day 9 – Las Vegas

So i’m going to be writing 3 separate blog posts today as I haven’t updated in the last 3 days (including today)
I guess that’s what happens in Vegas! I go out and party and meet people and then have no time to update!

Thursday 20th August 2015

I was up nice and early Thursday morning!
All the Contiki tour people had to be at the bus by 7.15am in LA.
Once all our bags had been put on the bus we were off to Las Vegas.

There’s not much to say about the bus ride to Vegas. It was mainly filled with our tour guide Blake telling us what is and isn’t okay on the Contiki bus. No eating dairy, no smoking, take care of your own stuff, try and join in as many activities as you can etc..

We had a stop off in some town on the way to Vegas and I had Subway to eat.

We each also had to talk to the person next to us and then go up to the front of the bus in pairs to use the microphone and introduce ourselves to everyone as well as telling everyone a few things about ourselves.
As there was like 50-55 of us it kind of took awhile but it was nice hearing about where everyone was from and why they came on Contiki.
Hint: Everyone is pretty much from Australia or New Zealand. Plus a couple of German’s thrown in there for fun.

We got to Vegas just after midday so it was a few hours on the bus but it went by really fast as everyone talked or listened to music.imageVegas is more than I imagined it would be!
Everything is defiantly bigger and better in Vegas. The hotels are absolutely HUGE.
I couldn’t stop looking at all all the big hotels and casinos they have here. My pictures don’t do Vegas justice. You really have to see it to believe it.

imageimageimageHarrahs2We stayed at Harrah’s Hotel on the Vegas strip which is basically a massive hotel with casino’s and bars downstairs. Chandeliers resembling large gold Mardi Gras beads were decorated in the casino’s and HD Tv’s were all on the walls showing lots of sports and racing. I assume most hotels in Vegas are like this, it’s so exciting!

Once we got to the hotel for our first night, we all checked in and headed with our room mates to our room.imageAs we got out of the bus it was crazy hot! I know it’s the desert but I wasn’t prepared for it to be THIS hot.
You know when you walk past a bus or something and it’s blowing hot air? That’s what it feels like but all the time.

imageAs I still had heels I needed to buy, I went with 2 girls from my Contiki to the nearest mall once we’d settled in.
Me and another girl Amy got ourselves a bucket of this fruity alcoholic slushy from one of the many liquor stands on the side of the road. imageIt’s great that you can drink anywhere in Vegas!
When we went shopping I was casually sipping on my icy cold vodka and such 😛 wherever I went.imageI did end up buying some shoes while we were at the mall. It was buy 1 pair get another one for $5 so I ended up buying some white wedge type heels and some sandals to wear.
When we were leaving we bumped into a couple of more girls from Contiki so went and got another bucket with them 🙂

imageBy the time I got back to our hotel, I had an hour and a half to get ready for our bus tour around Las Vegas.
I made it to the bus just in time coz I had to wash my hair and the whole drying and styling process took forever haha!
The tour was good, we got to stop at the Las Vegas sign that you always see in pictures and movies.

imageWaiting in line to get a photo was extremely hot as there were so many people waiting to do the same thing.
After we’d gotten our pictures taken, we headed off to Planet Hollywood for dinner. I just got a broccoli pasta thing which was all good. It was one of our ‘included meals’ on the Contiki so it was already paid for.

When we were all back on the bus, we’d sobered up a bit from dinner but our tour manager Blake started saying that he felt really sick.
I assumed it was something from dinner coz he actually didn’t look that good.
We had to stop the bus and everything so he could go outside for fresh air.
He made us all get off the bus as well and go for a walk down the road where all the wedding chapels were.
He said he was going to go find a pharmacy so we all kind of walked down the road and then ended up waiting for a good 15 minutes outside some random pawn shop. Everyone was getting really frustrated, Especially the girls as we were all mostly wearing heels and the heat was making us really hot and our feet all sweaty and slippery.

imageAfter awhile I was like, screw this and started walking back to the bus with a few other people. We came across Blake on the way and he said that we were welcome to hang out in the wedding chapel as it was air conditioned.
I knew something was up when he said that!
We all got a surprise when we went into the chapel and Elvis started singing for us and said 2 people were getting married tonight.imageimageAnd guess who got married.
ME. haha, not out of choice – but me and another guy Rhys (my now husband) were chosen to get married.
It was a beautiful ceremony as well as it all being pretty funny.
It’s obviously not legit but we got a certificate and everything.
I’ve left it in the Contiki Coach though so I can’t take a picture of it right now.

After the wedding we headed to a nightclub that Blake had organised for us to get front of line.
All the girls got a free drink thank god because the prices of the drinks were outrageous!
I didn’t buy one but I overheard someone saying that they were like $40
Amy got a bottle of water (a small Fiji brand one) and it was $11

They free pour here in America – which means they can put as much alcohol as they want in a drink – which is great but still, that’s so expensive.
I guess it is Vegas though and we were at a club that Tiesto was playing at.
I was just confused as to why we were put at that club when everyone on Contiki are young poor people haha! (Well not poor exactly, just being careful with our money)

Anyways, me and a few girls went downstairs (same club) where they were playing better music. I danced away there and ended up in some VIP booth as well which was all good so got a few free drinks out of that 😌

imageI ended up loosing everyone by the end of the night so walked in bare feet at like 3am all the way through the casino to the taxi rink. Yuck! At least it was carpet.
My shoes were just killing my feet!

When I got to the taxi rink I found Jonathan and Scott from my Contiki and we caught a cab back to our hotel together.
They wanted McDonald’s so I walked (still in bare feet) with them to McDonald’s but then I left when I kept getting weird looks for not wearing any shoes, awkward… I guess looking back it was pretty disgusting. My feet were just sticking to the floor the whole time.

Overall the first night wasn’t amazing but it was really great to see everything for the first time! I’d love to go back if I had more money.


One thought on “Day 9 – Las Vegas

  1. Dr. ross l. bellinghiere August 24, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    did you get into the Bellagio?


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