Day 10 – Las Vegas

Yesterday my room mate and I woke up to our hotel radio alarm going off at 4am. Brooke had to literally pull it out from the wall because it was hard to figure out how to turn it off in the dark haha.

imageThen at 8.50am. We got a wake up phone call from an automated Elvis Presley impersonator. I hung up on it because I needed my sleep and we didn’t need to wake up that early!
Apparently it was actually meant for this morning but the hotel got it a day early by mistake.

1464894805284I eventually got up and went downstairs for the breakfast buffet. I wish I took a picture of the food because there was so much to choose from! Defiantly one of the best buffet breakfast I’ve had. They had so many different stations of food. They had all different types of meats, Asian dishes, fried chicken, pancakes, waffles, cereals, ingredients to make your own burritos!! Thinking of it now makes me drool.

When I’d finished breakfast, myself and Ashley and Lauren all went to Fashion Show (the mall down the road).. Even though I spent the afternoon the day before shopping, I wanted to buy a new outfit for that night as I didn’t have any dresses with me.
I ended up settling on a white skirt and plain black top (amazing I know) for me to go out in.
I did however buy another pair of shoes and now I can barely fit my stuff into my suitcase!

There was a pool party on at The Palms yesterday too but we didn’t go.
We couldn’t be bothered going all the way in a taxi/walking for something we weren’t sure was going to be amazing. We got buckets instead and grabbed something to eat at the White Chapel (which is apparently famous in the Harold and Kuma? Movie) I actually wasn’t a big fan of the food. It tasted too greasy and fatty for me.

imageAfter we ate, us 3 girls headed back to our rooms to get ready for Cirque Du Soleil.
(Below is the new outfit I bought)image
When we got to the hotel where the show was, we had to wait a little while so I grabbed a slice of very greasy pizza for dinner. (Really there wasn’t much choice for food at the time)

imageIf anyone is in Vegas you MUST see a Cirque Du soleil show.
It was amazing!! We paid $85 on Contiki for it and it was worth it.
I wasn’t sure about going but I’m so glad I did.
It goes for 1 and a half hours which is a really good amount of time. The things they do are just amazing.
And to think they do 2 shows a night!



imageWhen the show was over, we had an hour left until we started our limo ride through Vegas and then onto our Rooftop Club for the night.
We all walked through the Vegas Strip for about an hour and I filled up my Alcohol cup along the way.imageimage

imageOn our walk I saw a homeless guy with 3 kittens!! They were just casually in little hats licking themselves without a care in the world. I guess you could easily sleep outside in Vegas as it’s so warm.imageWhen we walked back to Arias (the hotel that does the Cirque Du soleil) we all split up in to groups of 11 and headed off for our limo ride.imageThey provided us with 4 bottles of champagne and i loved it! I think everyone did. We had the music going and I was waving to everyone like a drunk girl on the strip of Vegas – which I was.imageimageimageWhen we got to The Palm we headed upstairs to the rooftop bar.
This time round it was so much more fun!!
I think we all had more alcohol in our systems and it was 2 people on the Contiki’s birthday. (Not mine as mine is tomorrow here)
And we partied it up all night taking shots and dancing together.
We also had amazing views of the whole city up on the Rooftop Bar.imageimageimage

imageimageI don’t think I got home till about 4am. I went home with another girl on the Contiki who was so drunk so I’m glad I got her home safely even if I was in the same boat haha.
When we got to her room at the hotel her card wouldn’t work so I was certain that she’d gotten the wrong room. I had to go down to the desk and then try and get them to come up with a new card or find out which room was actually hers.
In the end it all worked out and it was a great night.imageimageOnce I was back in my room, I had a shower and headed off for a blissfull drunken sleep. 🙂
But not before setting my alarm for 7.30am. Ahh!

I loved Vegas so much. I’d love to come back one day!!!image

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