Day 29 – Savannah (Georgia)


I want to live here!
Savannah, Georgia is just the nicest little town.
When we arrived on Wednesday we had a walking tour organised but as we were early we had to wait around in Forsyth Park for a bit.
The park was just beautiful. The sun was out and even though it was probably a bit too humid for me, I defiantly appreciated the beauty of Savannah.
We took a big group picture under these tree’s but I unfortunately don’t have the picture to show ya!imageimage

Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia with people here being know for their Southern charm and hospitality. The city’s former promotional name was actually “Hostess City of the South”
When we started our tour, our local tour guide took us on a walk and showed our Contiki group lots of statues and monuments while explaining the history behind them all. Scenes from the movie ‘Forest Gump’ were actually filmed in Savannah. If you’ve ever seen the movie, you’ll remember Forest sat on a bench saying the famous quote “Life is like a box of chocolates”. Well that bench was on the north side of Chippewa Square in Savannah but now resides in a Museum here.



Savannah’s historic district has 22 squares surrounded by beautiful homes, churches and huge live Oak trees. Our tour guide only took us to a few of them otherwise we’d be there all day.
Calhoun Square is just two blocks from Forsyth Park and was once a place for schoolchildren and a bit of a backyard for those in the heart of Downtown Savannah.
Crawford Square is the only square with a fence surrounding it. It also has it’s own basketball court for anyone to play in and it’s very own gazebo
Greene Square is great for having a picnic whereas Lafayette Square is home to the ornate Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which has the highest twin steeples in all of downtown.


When our tour was over, we had over 2 hours until we were allowed to check in to our hotel so a few of us went and got food from this restaurant called Wild Wings.
They had 1/2 price flat breads on Wednesdays so that’s what I got haha.
Our meals weren’t the nicest but I think we’re starting to realize that lately with cheap burger and pizza joints.


We still had lots of time after lunch so we went for a walk and I bought a magnet to add to my collection. We also came across a candy store! (My dream)


I bought some candy and the boys bought iced drinks as it was so hot.

imageTo be honest I think I just bought candy as I was in a Candy store and felt like I should. I’m usually such a snack person and I’d rather have little meals throughout the day, but ever since I’ve been here I barely eat snacks. I just have lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast if I feel like it.
Even yesterday on our coach stop I bought Twix bars and some pringles but struggled to eat them. Maybe I just don’t really like American snacks (everything is just way too big for one person)

imageAfter our Candy stop we went to the hotel and was finally able to check in.
As I still hadn’t slept properly, I had a bit of a nap until my room mate woke me up at 6.30pm to get ready for the night out.
She’s so good to me haha. Honestly, she’s like the perfect room mate. She knew I’d need over an hour to get ready so made sure I was up before 8pm 😀


When I was ready, everyone on Contiki headed off to this Karoke/gay bar for some cheap drinks.
I was there for just over an hour and was a bit bored so me, Marisa, my room mate Amy and Paige went down the road to get some super late dinner.
I got some nachos which wernt too bad!

imageAmy and Paige headed off home after that but me and Marisa stayed out and met up with everyone else at this club called Treehouses. It’s in the center of Downtown Savannah and has two large balconies over-looking City Market.

treehouse1-1imageWe danced there for a bit and had some more drinks then eventually stumbled home around 1am.
There wasn’t really much else happening and I was sooo tired so it was probably probably a good thing I went home early.



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