Day 32 Washington DC #2

The next morning, I got up and ready and headed down to use the Subway to meet my friend Ethan so we could go exploring.
After trying a pretzel for the first time (not terribly great to be honest) we went and learnt some stuff around Washington D.C


I think we only saw one museum on that second day but it basically took up the whole entire day.
We went to see one of the many Smithsonian museums they have located around Washington DC.
We ended up choosing The Museum of American History.
It was actually pretty interesting reading about the ‘history’ of America.
They had everything from the toys kids used to play with growing up in America, stuff about Abraham Lincoln and the Star-Spangled Banner Flag.


The Flag was the garrison flag that flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor during the naval portion of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812.
The flag has fifteen horizontal red and white stripes, as well as fifteen white stars in the blue field. The two additional stars and stripes, approved by the United States Congress‘s Flag Act of 1794, represent Vermont and Kentucky’s entrance into the Union.


They also had “The First Ladies Collection” which pays homage to the wives of many commanders-in-chief. There’s more than two dozen gowns, fine china and other furnishings from First Ladies.
There’s heaps more to write about but I might just put some pictures up instead.

imageimageimageAfter exploring the museum for many hours, we went and saw The White House!
It’s so bloody perfect I wish I lived there. I didn’t get to see Obama though, he was obviously critically ill or something and didn’t want to get me sick.



Once back at the hotel, I got ready for drinks at this Irish Pub.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was actually really good.
It was $10 at the door and you got unlimited drinks for the next 2 hours. No wonder so many people were there haha.


The drinks however got to some people a little bit too much…


Haha I love this guy.

I however did not spew so it was a win for me that night!

(Bit of a short blog I know)

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