Day 60 – Split to Hvar (Croatia)

10th October 2015

This was my first day of my 7 day Sail Croatia trip!
I checked out of my hostel just before 10am and lugged all my gear downstairs to the taxi (and played with the cutest kitty while i waited)
I wasn’t sure exactly what time I had to be at the boat which departed from the Split harbor so I had to quickly use one of the hostel computers to check my documents online as the Wi-Fi in my room hadn’t been working the night before.


Apparantly I was on a boat called Tuna and I had to be checked in by 10.30am- 12pm 🙂
As it was raining and I had alot of gear, it was kind of a struggle to find the bloody boat. On my confirmation e-mails, it didn’t exactly say where the boat would be waiting because they only get told on the day where to dock.
After walking around for what seemed like forever, I finally found The Tuna and boarded!

A couple of other people where already on board so we did a bit of introductions and filled out a bit of paper work. The next hour was spent talking to all these new people I’d be sharing the next 7 days with 🍸🍺🍹
I was doing something called The Navigator Cruise which is advertised as a party and relaxation cruise for 18-35 year olds for 7 days.
“You Spend the days cruising, swimming and eating with your awesome on board crew preparing breakfast and lunch for you each day as you enjoy life Croatian style with a cool drink in hand!” The trip begins in Split and goes around the Dalmatian coast, returning to split 7 days later.”


The first day did not look like a day to be swimming and lying in the sun as it was pouring with rain. 😣😣
Instead, we sat in the boat and ate the food the chef had prepared for us (a meal of soup, bread and some type of meat thing with veges) then we headed off to our first destination. Hvar.


Usually, if it wasn’t raining we’d stop for a swim at one of the hidden bays on the way to Hvar. Instead, we had a very rocky boat ride to Hvar with a few people getting sea sick on the way.

Unfortunately Hvar was raining when we got there too. We all started drinking anyways and got ready to go out for dinner. Since we didn’t dock at the harbor where the company usually does (due to bad weather) we had to take a bus for half an hour to dinner/the clubs.
Dinner was all good, we ate at an Italian type restaurant and I had a really nice Lasagna.


Afterwards, we headed off to a club and all got pretty drunk. Maybe one of us got a little too drunk and had to be taken home but I won’t say who…
When it got to 2am, we headed to another club called ‘The Club’ (very original I know) And finished our night off there.


The bus came to get us at 3am and we all headed back to the boat around then.
Usually nights like that would finish at 5am but as it’s getting colder in Croatia and it’s coming into Winter, there’s not really any other cruises out at the moment but us and maybe a couple of other Busabout companies. (I knew this when I booked but I was still hoping for there to be some good weather!)
Even though it was raining I think we all ended up having a pretty good night! 😄


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