Day 47 – Switzerland

This won’t be a very long blog because I didn’t do much but sit on a bus.

When I woke up on my last day in Paris, Kara, Kelly and I took  our bags down stairs for the bus and then went out for a breakfast at a cafe for our last morning.
We have provided breakfasts on Top Deck already but we weren’t too keen on it as it was just your typical cereals and breads. They didn’t even have croissants!

Instead, we went down the road and got a table outside a French Cafe and ordered breakfast. It was about €8 each and we got a croissant, piece of baguette, a hot chocolate/coffee and a glass of orange juice. (a bit expensive for New Zealand terms)


When it was about 9am we headed back to the hostel to catch the bus to Switzerland.
I sat at the front (I love sitting there, you can see everything!) But ended up sleeping for the first few hours haha.

We all played a game on the bus ‘2 truths and a lie’ where everyone has to go up one by one and say 2 truths about them and 1 lie but we have to guess what one is the lie.
My lie was that I was home schooled until I was 12 haha. I think I used the same one on my Contiki trip as well when we played that game.

By the end of doing like 40 people I started to drift off and not pay much attention. Some of them were pretty funny though.


We had a stop off for lunch where we had a similar lunch to that of the Eiffel Tower picnic.
There was a chicken salad and coleslaw with crackers and cheese and a chocolate loaf bread thing.
By this stage I still hadn’t had any hot food! I was craaaaving something warm in my tummy!


I did take lots of pictures of our little Top deck mascot, Maggie. She was loving it at the picnic.


When we got back on the bus, I was DJ so I sat up the front with our driver Antonio. I wanted to sleep but he said I had to stay awake and talk to him so as not to be boring. 😣


Switzerland was like a 7 hour coach drive from Paris but it took us about 9 hours because of us stopping for toilet breaks and 2 food stops.


We eventually arrived at our hotel around 6.30pm.



Well, it wasn’t really a hotel. It felt like an a couple of older houses made into rooms, similarly set up like a hostel (4-6 people in each room) and we shared the bathrooms.
They did have an underground bar and kitchen however and a Jacuzzi, hammock area, dining area etc.

I went straight to my room once I was off the bus.
I was sharing with 3 other girls who I hadn’t really talked to before which was fine. I was missing my 2 K girls though! (Kara and Kelly)
I was in desperate need of a hair wash so washed my hair and re-did my make up which ended up making me late for dinner.
I only missed out on the cheese fondue though, and apparantly it wasn’t that nice so I wasn’t too bothered.

Dinner was pork sausage with vegetables which I didn’t actually mind.


After dinner we all headed down the the club where they had a happy hour going for us. 2 beers (or ciders yay!) For 5 Swiss franc.
(Probably ends up being around $11 NZ but it’s cheap for Swizzerland)

The Swiss get paid really well here I heard. The minimum wage is around €22 because the cost of living is so high. Their health care is really good too apparently and I’ve actually never seen one homeless person since I’ve been here.
It’s a really tidy, clean, green, nice country.
Not to mention it being very safe, even if they let everyone here own a gun.


Anyways, we danced the night away (well I did until 1.30am) and then went back to my room after I couldn’t stop coughing from being sick earlier in the week.

Next blog: 1st full day in Switzerland

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