Day 68 – Split #2

Sunday 18th October

Today was my second to last day in the city of Sunny Split.

I was feeling a bit lazy so decided I needed to get out of the apartment and go for a walk.
As it was a Sunday, it was pretty quiet in Split. I Googled the nearest gym and as it was only a 15 minute walk I put on my gym gear and headed off.

Unfortunately, like I said, it was a Sunday and the gym was closed 😧
I was actually determined to do a good sweaty work out as well haha. At least my abs were hurting a little bit because I did 100 crunches and leg lifts in the apartment the afternoon before.

Thankfully, the gym I had headed to was right next door to the only mall I’d seen while I was in Split.
I decided to check it out and it wasn’t too bad!


I went into this store called The New Yorker and ended up trying on like 5 different bras that just didn’t fit me 😟 I swear they only had one size and they were just too big!
I did however buy a winter scarf (Even though it’s summer back home) and another lighter scarf for Dubai.

I was feeling a bit hungry after that so decided to go to McDonald’s Haha!
It was downstairs and cheap so I thought why not. I was trying to toss up between a burger and a wrap but the healthy side of me decided on the chicken wrap with fries 😑
It was probably the best chicken wrap I’ve had from McDonald’s as well!
Usually they’re really stingy with the amount of sauce they put in it, but this Croatian Maccas put lots of this salsa sauce and it ended up being really yum. It even had cheese in it! So I doubt it was that healthy… haha.


I was pretty over shopping by this point so headed back to the apartment.
I felt I’d pretty much seen all of Split that I wanted to see so had a pretty chilled out afternoon. I took advantage of the Wi-fi the apartment had and pretty much streamed 6 episodes of MTVS Teen Mom 2 on my laptop.
It sure made the time go by!

Before I knew it, it was past dinner time so I hopped in the shower and gave my skin a good scrub with this amazing scrub I got from London. I wish I could buy more and take some home with me of my luggage allowed it!

As it was my last night in Croatia, I went for a walk down from where I was staying and got myself a yummy banana split sundae. The guy  at the shop couldn’t understand why I mixed the flavors I chose but I thought Chocolate, yogurt and strawberry were delicious together!

I had a semi-early night after my yummy sundae. My flight was the next day at 3.55pm so I packed some of my luggage and then headed off to sleep 😴


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