Day 69 – Rome

I left my apartment in Split, Croatia just after 11am and headed to the airport.
My flight for Rome didn’t leave until about 3pm but I needed to walk down to the bus terminal with all my stuff and get a ticket.


Thank god I left when I did because it started pouring with rain as soon as I got to the terminal.
I bought my ticket and then waited for the next bus which was at 11.45am.


The bus ride was long, and everyone was so pushy trying to get on.
Eventually I got to the airport and checked in my over weight bag. And again, they didn’t charge me. Woohoo!
Maybe they understand that I need a lot of products to make me look half decent some days haha.

The airport was verrrry average. There wasn’t even anything to eat really. I just ended up buying some kit kats from duty free and nibbling on those while I waited for my flight.


When it was time the board, I kind of laughed at how small the plane was. Oh well, I guess I was only flying to Rome haha!
The time on the flight was spent talking to the lady next to me. I think she was slightly nervous flying on that small aircraft so we sat and chatted and she showed me her pictures of Croatia. She was actually from Split but had moved to Australia years and years ago. She just went back to Split to bury her mother as she had passed away recently which was sad.


It was good to meet someone new though to add to my list of ‘people I talk to on planes’
The flight wasn’t too long, and when I landed I tried to decide whether to catch the train or catch a bus.
The bus seemed cheaper so I went with that option.
I probably should have taken the train though because I had to wait for the bus for over 20 minutes.
Then when it came, everyone was so rude and just shoved past each other to get on. I had already loaded my bag underneath the bus so luckily I got on by probably pushing in front of a few people too. (But in a nice, slip-in-there way) not like some people who blatantly just stood right in front of you when they used to be 4 people behind you.


The bus took way longer than I expected, we got stuck in afternoon traffic so I didn’t get to my hostel until about 7.30pm.
It was easy enough to walk to from the train station (which was where the bus stopped) it was just so painful having to carry all that luggage 😣😣

I stayed at The Yellow Hostel and if you’re ever in Rome and want some cheap accommodation, I really recommend it. The rooms are all good, not super fancy or anything but I roomed with 3 other girls and we had our own shower and toilet.
The Yellow Hostel is spread out along one street, so they have like 3 different buildings where all the bedrooms are and they have their own pub/club too where you can get food 24/7 and good drinks!


They also have some entertainment on at night on certain days. That night they had a magic show and I saw this guy put his whole body in a balloon haha.


I headed to the bar as soon as I’d re-done my face and funnily enough I bumped into Nick who was on my Top deck tour through Europe haha. He was staying at the hostel as me so I sat down with him and we grabbed some late dinner from the bar.


I ended up talking to this American girl for a while over some drinks and then these Aussie’s came and joined us for more drinks. After a night of drinking and dancing I headed off for my first nights sleep in Rome at about 3am 😴


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