Cancun – 24th July 2019


I did not gym today. My alarm went off at 8am and I kept sleeping until 9am. In my defense, Nathan was the one that didn’t really want to get up, I was showered and dressed when he eventually pulled himself out of bed. I will say though that he’s coming down with a store throat so he’s trying to get as much sleep as he can so he doesn’t get sick before he moves back to New Zealand and starts the rugby season.

At 10am we headed off to the buffet! I thought I’d switch it up with something different today (like maybe a bagel or some French toast maybe) but I went for the omlette station and toast again 👨‍🍳 My omelettes at home are never that good so I enjoy it when someone else makes them for me 😊

Again we had no plans for today! The only decision we had to make was if we wanted to relax in the pool or at the beach. We agreed on the beach today and thankfully found a spare sun lounger. It was another beautiful 30° today so the sand was hot and the water was warm. ☀️ I must say, Hyatt Ziva has one of the nicer beaches in Cancun. The sand is white and soft and the water is clear and blue – I could even see fishies swimming around which I loved! They even have these hammocks out in the water you can relax in. 🏝

I didn’t take any photos as I was in the water but we relaxed in the hammocks for a bit, swum out to the iceberg so Nathan could climb it and took the kayaks out into the water for a little paddle.

After the swim I relaxed on the beach with a drink and read some of my kindle 💜

It was getting pretty hot near the beach so eventually we headed to the pool around noon. Sadly I missed my aqua aerobics today! They were just finishing up when I hopped in.

Instead, we joined in with this soccer contest they had going where you had to try and kick the soccer ball into a goal in the water, however I was absolutely terrible at it. You had to stand on the side of the pool in front of everyone to do it and I pretty much embarrassed myself by kicking it about 1m into the water with both tries. Nathan nearly got it in but unfortunately we both didn’t make it to the final rounds 😔

We decided to eat at Chevy’s diner for lunch again today, I must say though, it wasn’t terribly good. All the other food here is nice but I thought Chevy’s was average. I ordered a vege burger which I wasn’t a fan of and Nathan got a beef BBQ burger which he couldn’t finish. It was all a bit dry and didn’t have much flavour. Not to mention the waiter took forever to come and take our order. I had to ask like twice if we could order and they just kept saying our waitress would come and take it but she didn’t.

Afterwards we decided to take advantage of the rooftop infinity pool, exclusive for guests staying in the adults only tower. I don’t know why we didn’t do this before. There were lots of loungers free and there’s no kids splashing around which Is great. Plus you get these amazing views overlooking the ocean. There’s also a bat with pool wait service so you don’t even need to get up to get a drink 😍

I relaxed by the pool for a few hours while Nathan went and worked out at the gym. (He can only do so much relaxing haha) we did consider going to Coco Bongo tonight (which is like a nightclub/show not far from our hotel) but we decided not to. We thought it’d be better if we were in a group of people and we’re pretty much on a relaxation/sleepy/drinky buzz this vacation. Clubbing requires energy I do not have. 😄

We booked a massage tonight for 8pm so we had a couple of hours to spare until our appointment. I convinced Nathan to have Italian with me tonight and it did not disappoint. Pretty sure it was Nathan’s favourite meal this whole trip. We had some bread to start and a caprese salad, then came our mains. Nathan ordered two mains, a Salmon dish AND beef tenderloin. I ordered a carbonara type dish, along with a Lorenzo’s pizza which was basically chocolate and onion on a pizza. Sounds weird but was actually amazing.

I couldn’t finish my Pasta and pizza but of course Nathan finished it off for me. When we finished, he actually told me that while I was at the adults only pool he went to the 24 Hour Snack Bar after the gym and had a pre-dinner meal of beef and gravy, grilled veges and shrimp. 😐 “I kept it light so I wouldnt be full for dinner” is what he said.

Does anyone else have a boyfriend that can eat crazy amounts?? Nathan has the fastest metabolism of anyone I know and it drives me insane. I look at a piece of pizza and it goes straight to my stomach 😭 I am however a very proud girlfriend. I’d enter him in an eating contest any day.

After declining desert at the Italian restaurant Lorenzo’s, we headed to the Zen Spa at the resort an hour before our massage so we could take advantage of the hydrotherapy pools.

After meeting with the concierge, we were shown to the bathrooms where we were given a key with our own lockers. The lockers were set up really cute with a bathrobe, slippers, water and a towel in them. If anyone knows me, I have clown feet so these little slippers didn’t do much for me. My hooves were falling over the sides as I walked to the pools 🙄

We enjoyed the spa though! They had a cold plunge pool, hot spa and steam room. My sunburn didn’t appreciate the hot spa too much but I got over the pain pretty quick and relaxed in there for about 10 minutes with cucumbers on my eyes. 👌💜

Soon enough, our masseuses came to grab us and showed us to our couples room. I had a masseuse called Ramiro and he was very lovely and professional.

We were booked in for a couples Deep Tissue Massage and my God it was amazing! I have this girl in Vancouver that I thought gave the best massages until i had Ramiro. He didn’t go easy on me that’s for sure. I had so many knots in my back and he went really deep to get them all out. The massage wasn’t repetitive and everything he did felt amazing. I was so gutted for it to be over! If you’re ever at the Hyatt Ziva in Cancun, ask for Ramiro if you’re planning on getting a massage!

Afterwards, it was only 9pm so we went to the buffet and had another dinner 😂 I was in no state to be going to another restaurant. My hair was full of massage oil, my face is sunburnt and I generally just look like a fat peppa pig at the moment. I told Nathan how sorry I felt for him having me on his arm at this 5-star resort 🤣

At the buffet I just got a crepe for dessert while Nathan loaded a plate with meats and salads. – like I said, this boy can eat!

Once our second dinner was done, it was off to our room to chill out for the rest of the night! I got the pillows right tonight, our Butler spoke to us in the morning and asked if I’d decided on what pillows I wanted for our sleep tonight. I mentioned the aromatic ones but he said the gel memory foam ones were much better.

I’ll have to review how my sleep went tomorrow! 😄

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