Day 59 – London to Croatia


After a very rushed morning and missing out on breakfast at the hostel, I had my bags packed and ready to head to the airport.
Maybe I packed them wrong because I was defiantly struggling with the amount of luggage I had.

I called an Uber and paid him to take me to the Airport train station. It cost about £19 for a one way ticket to Gatwick Airport which wasn’t too bad.
Once I’d met up with Kara (as she was leaving on the same day as me) we hopped on the train with all our stuff and headed off to the Airport.
It was about a half hour train ride but I’d defiantly recommend using the train if you can because it’s heaps cheaper than paying for a taxi.
It takes you straight to the airport as well so when you hop off, you just need to go and find your check in desk by either walking or taking another short train shuttle to a different terminal.

Kara had to take the train shuttle as she was flying back home to Australia. We said our goodbyes and I promised I’d come visit her in the gold coast. Which I defiantly will as it’s so close to home anyways.

I had a few hours to spare so I went and got this Cornish pastry thing and sat down to eat it while I waited for my check in desk to open.
I also went and bought some UK treats to take back home with me which I’m still trying not to eat haha.


When the Croatia Airlines desk was open, I went and checked in and got told that my luggage was a bit too much over weight. 😯
I always try to be super nice to airport staff so maybe that’s why she let me off the hook this time.
I did however have to go and take my bag to the oversized luggage drop off.


Once that was all done, I waited around to board my plane (which didn’t take long at all) then set off for my flight to Split, Croatia.



I can’t remember how long the flight took, maybe about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I landed when it was dark and took a bus to the airport terminal (which is really small by the way)
And collected my luggage.

As I had lots of stuff and was tired, I took a taxi to my hostel. (It’s good to book some transport before you arrive I think) I didn’t organize anything or even research how to get to my hostel before I arrived so when I left the Airport i kind of just looked aimlessly around hoping someone would take me into town.
It probably wasn’t the best first night in Croatia.
When I got to the hostel, the street was all dark and I had no idea I was even at the right place. The building looked all closed up but the taxi driver insisted I was at the right place.
I pressed the buzzer on the Intercom and the guy at reception buzzed me in.
I walked up the stairs with my stuff and checked in at the very small reception area at Cro-paradise Hostel.

As I had booked my own room, the receptionist took me across the road to a different building and carried my bag up 5 flights of stairs.
The poor guy was like sweating and puffing carrying my stuff. I felt bad. But not bad enough to take over…
The room I was staying in was actually pretty cute. It had its own little kitchen/bedroom with a TV and they provide a laptop if you need it.
The bathroom was small but nice with good water pressure.
Not bad for like $80 NZD for the night.


Once I’d put all my stuff down and charged my phone for a bit, I realised the Wi fi wasn’t working so went in search of food hoping it’d work by the time I got back.

No such luck on the food or wi-fi problems an hour later.
There was like no food places around, just a couple of bakeries and that’s it. I wasn’t feeling like a pastry at all, so I walked back to my room and sat on my bed watching CSI (the only program in English) eating chocolate and feeling very lonely as the Wi fi still wouldn’t work and I had no one to talk to 😥
Even when I went to get food, not many people spoke English so it was hard asking where to eat. Everything seemed to pretty much be shut and no where accepted money cards so I couldn’t really buy anything either 😦

Eventually I went to sleep to prepare myself for my Sail Croatia trip the next morning ☺


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