Day 28 – St Augustine


We headed off to St Augustine on Tuesday morning.
We had a pretty big day as we stopped off for 5 hours at the NASA space centre in Florida.


There’s actually quite a lot to do at the Space Center that I didn’t even end up seeing everything. I went with Marisa and a few others and did the bus tour.


To be honest the bus tour was so boring. I would not recommend it.
We went around to where they launch the space rockets which was all good to see but the guy on the bus had the type of voice that just made you want to go to sleep. And I think a few people from our tour actually did. Maybe I just associate buses with sleeping now because that’s all I seem to do on them.

The bus tour took nearly 2 hours but we stopped at this place where you could eat and they had all the info about the launches etc…


The above picture is the actual control room where they re-inacted on TV screens what was happening when they launched the space shuttle that went to the moon.



I also got to touch a piece of the moon!
It just felt like rock though so don’t get too excited haha.


After we’d explored lots, we went on a space shuttle simulator. You basically get strapped in and it gives you the feeling of actually being in the space shuttle as it launches.
It’s not the nicest experience when you’re ‘in space’. It’s like you loose gravity but makes you feel sick a little bit haha.
It was still cool to experience though.

By 3pm we had to be back at the bus to head to St Augustine.
It seemed like the shitty weather was following us because when we got to St Augustine it was pouring down with rain.
They must get used to their flooding, because back home it’d make front page news whereas here it was literally just water everywhere we went and no one seemed to care.


St Augustine is located in the northeast part of Florida so they have a very tropical climate as well. We were visiting in their wet season (May – October) so it was pretty much a given that it’d rain.
The Bermuda High pumps in hot and unstable tropical air from the Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico, which helps create the daily thundershowers that they get all the time in the summer months. Apparently intense but very brief downpours are common in mid-summer in the city.

St. Augustine was actually the first city in America in 1565. Therefore making it the oldest city in the United States.


When we got to our hotel we had a few hours to get ready until we all set off to an optional dinner our tour Manager recommended.


It was at this place called BBQ ‘something’ (Man I should have really found out the name for this blog) and it was so good!
Our food took ages to come out as there was quite a few of us, but when it did it was really yummy.
I’m loving the crispy type chicken they have here with this creamy gravy they put on top. I had something very similar back in Dallas so it reminded me of that. (The Dallas one was still better though)
They had this random jalapeño bread with it as well which wasn’t that great. And I wasn’t a big fan of their Kumara here haha. But the rest was still good!


After dinner we all went to this bar down the road and had $3 drinks all night. Safe to say I probably had too much to drink and didn’t end up getting home until 6am. The Contiki life aye!
I didn’t even bother going to sleep, I just packed my bag, got changed and went and had breakfast before boarding the bus at 8am haha.

St Augustine, even though I felt there wasn’t tooooo much to do still seemed like a nice little town to visit.
I can’t really judge half of these places I’ve been going to lately because we’re there for such a short period of time and with the weather being shit I’ve been really slack at exploring anything past eating out and the nightlife.


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