Bali Overview. Where to stay?


New Zealanders and Australians love Bali.
The scenery is beautiful when you get out of the bustling cities, the food and drink is so much cheaper than what we buy back home, flights are becoming cheaper with Airlines such as Jetstar providing 1-way fares for $150 and the weather is nearly always amazing!

Bali is the Number 1 Tourist destination for Australian Tourists.
Flights from Australia can be very cheap and it’s the closest country to them that has sunshine, cheap alcohol and surf. It’s like the Spring Break of America.

Depending on why you’re going to Bali, you can usually find what you’re looking for.
I know people who go to Bali on boys trips just to party it up and drink lots of Bintang Beer, Girls go with their Bridesmaids before a wedding for a long week of cheap pedicures, $10 massages and swims in infinity pools.
They have some awesome retreats here as well where you can spend days in the middle of the forest sleeping in luxury accommodation, waking up to beautiful rice fields, gourmet breakfasts and attending yoga classes.

I personally went to Bali back in 2014 with my Boyfriend of 1 year. It was a spur of the moment decision as we were originally wanting to take a week trip to an island nearer New Zealand like Raratonga or Fiji.
One day we went to a travel Expo in our home-town and headed straight to the area where they had brochures on the Islands. As pretty as they were, we weren’t super ‘excited’ about going. The beaches looked beautiful, the accommodation looked nice but we came to the conclusion that’d we’d just be a bit… bored in Raro.
We like a bit of adventure mixed with some relaxation and culture so when we got talking to a Travel Agent who’d been to Bali, he pretty much made up our minds for heading to Indonesia for 2 weeks. He raved on about how cheap everything was, how there was lots of stuff to do and places to party etc… The next day we’d booked through Virgin Australia 2x Return trips from Wellington, New Zealand to Bali in June as our first trip as a couple!

How Long Does It Take To Get There (Direct):
This isn’t including stop-overs

Auckland to Bali – 8 Hours, 53 minutes
Wellington to Bali – 9 Hours
Melbourne to Bali – 6 Hours
Sydney to Bali – 6 Hours, 16 Minutes
Perth to Bali – 3 Hours, 44 Minutes
Singapore to Bali – 2 Hours, 34 Minutes
New York City to Bali – 20 Hours, 46 Minutes
Chicago to Bali – 20 Hours
London to Bali – 16 Hours

I’ve had a little Sky Scanner search and I don’t think any airline in New Zealand flies direct to Bali apart from Air New Zealand who only fly direct from May – October on Saturdays and Wednesday’s.(Someone correct me if I’m wrong)

Virgin Australia always seems to stop in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne (Both ways)
China Airlines stops in Taiwan and Jetstar will always stop somewhere in Australia.


You can get some amazing deals on flights to Bali if you’re flying from New Zealand and don’t mind a shitty stop-over. I’ve seen Jetstar Flights for NZD$250 RETURN! (Obviously they have a stop over in Australia at inconvenient times) but if you’re not picky about times, can get time off work quickly and have the cash, I’d wait for an amazing deal like that to come up.

I’ve done a little research and the cheapest month to head over to Bali is in August.
The weather in August is pretty much the same as May and June. The whole month doesn’t vary much from the beginning to the end with average temperatures at 27°C (80°F) throughout the entire month, with lots of sun, virtually no chance of rain, and a constant, cool breeze. It is however quite humid but it’s very tempting as in August it’s Winter time in New Zealand and we’re dying for a bit of sun.

Obviously Australians can get cheaper flights, eg; Darwin to Bali for $161
Or Perth to Bali for $193 *sigh*
That’s another reason where you’ll feel like you’re surrounded my Auzzies when you’re in Bali. It’s just too cheap for them not to go!

Where To Stay:

Bali-to-Gili-Trawangan-and-Lombok1-1When my boyfriend and I went, we stayed in Legian for 5 nights, one of the Gili Islands for another 4 nights and Seminyak for 4
To make it simple for you I’ve written a little paragraph about the places to stay in Bali which you can find on the map above.

South Bali Area

South Bali is the main part where all the tourists go. It’s the closest to the airport and the perfect area for a first-time Bali goer. There’s shopping, beaches, water activities and many places to drink and party until the early hours.

berawabeach-01Canggu: Less tourists, quite a rural area with low-key nightlife and black/grey sandy beaches. Is becoming more developed over time…Think it has a water park for kids.
50-60 mins from airport


Seminyak: Very chic, classy, fine dining and stylish beach bars. Great for high end spas and massages, surfing and the beach. Accommodation is more high-quality and modern. Many tourists stay here if you’re wanting somewhere a bit more fancy.
30 mins from airport


Legian: Located South of Seminyak, Legian is a short taxi ride to Kuta with the advantage of not being right in the center of all the clubs and bars. I’d say this is the best place to stay accommodation-wise as you’re just a little bit away from the main ‘city center’ feel. You still have the choice of restaurants to eat at and market stalls to bargain at so you’re not completely away from all the fun stuff.
Legian has a better and less crowded surf break at the beach so may be good if you’re learning to surf.
If you’re searching for some good, cheap, clean accommodation, check out Bliss Surfer Hotel. It’s not the fanciest place to stay, the pool is over-shadowed by the hotel so it does get a bit chilly when you’re swimming but the staff are nice and the rooms are great.
I hear the Padma Resort  (Think, swim-up bar, Infinity Pool, Tennis Court, Cooking classes) or Pullman Resort are quite nice if you’re looking to pay a bit more.
10-20 mins from airport


Kuta: Partying, Kuta beach, The Hard Rock Cafe and one of the main malls are all situated in Kuta. It’s great for nightlife and the beach but would stay away if you don’t like massive crowds and pumping music.
Kuta has great surfing options for beginners and experienced surfers. Have a look on TripAdvisor for some good companies.
If you’re looking to do some shopping, check out Kuta Square, Discovery mall (right across the road from Waterbom water park) or Beachwalk Shopping Center for all your shopping and dining needs.
Kuta is where the Bali Bombings took place in 2002 at Paddy’s Pub. There is now a permanant memorial at the site with all the names of the people that were killed along with the national flags of the victims to pay your respects.
10-20 mins from airport


Jimbaran: Think Seafood, spas, calm waters and white sand. Great if you have children as the waters are shallow and you can explore the morning Jimbaran Markets for fresh seafood. Has an amazing sunset after 5pm where you can relax with a cocktail and head to bed before 12am as the clubs usually shut around 11pm. However Kuta and Seminyak are only a cab ride away if you want to stay here and party somewhere else.
This is where the famous Rock Bar is located.
10-20 mins from airport


Nusa Dua: Has an amazing beach with water sports and coral beds for snorkeling. The surfing is amazing, I’ve read it’s recommended to hire a boat to take you out to the Nusa Dua Break. Also has one of the most popular shopping centers. Not really a place for partying and dining but the resorts will make you nice cocktails to sip in the sun.
30 mins from airport


Sanur: More on the Southeast coast, but a great place for people wanting a bit of peace and quiet in a tropical paradise. White sandy beaches, clear waters, great for kids as it has calmer waters and a few water sports like water skiing or kite surfing. Not too many places to shop but has souvenir stores and places to buy some clothing.
30 -40 mins from airport

Central Bali


Ever heard of Eat, Pray, Love? Well that was situated in Ubud. Imagine rolling green hills, fresh air, rice paddies and temples. This is the place to go if you want to get away from the touristy area and really get to know the Balinese Culture. This is where people come to do yoga and stay at meditation resorts. It also has the monkey forest, elephant riding and white water rafting. About a 45 minute drive away from the beach.

Bali, Gianyar
Bali, Gianyar. Administration building in Gianyar city.

Gianyar: Not too far from Ubud, here you can buy traditional paintings, browse through flea markets, and haggle until your hearts content.Not really a place to party or even get massages but it has more of a Balinese Culture to explore.

North Bali


Lovina: A destination of slow-paced beach towns. Has black sand beaches and live music with a few clubs scattered around. You can snorkel around the local reefs or take a trip to see the off-shore islands and dolphins! However from what I’ve read, there’s not a lot to do.
3-4 hours from airport

East Bali

tulamben1Tulamben: The most likely thing you’ll be doing here is Diving. Tulamben is a small fishing village and a very popular dive site. A US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942 lies just 25m’s off shore so divers love to go and explore.
3 hours from airport


Amed: Same deal as Tulamben, Amed is a very popular place for diving. Come here if you want to snorkel and dive until you have water in your ears. You can also climb up 3.142 meters of Bali’s highest mountain, Mount Agung if you’re wanting a day of exercise.
The mountain is about 40 minutes from Amed and while you’re there you can check out Bali’s largest and most sacred Hindu temple at the bottom.
Luxury Villa Celagi is a popular place to stay if you’re wanting to stay on the island.
2 hours from airport

The Islands

Now if you really want to sail away from the mainland, head over and check out some of these beautiful islands.

Nusa Lembongan:
Not really a place to stay, but defiantly a place to visit. This is basically island life of what Bali used to be 25 years ago. Great for a day trip to do some snorkeling and meet the locals. However if you do want to get back to basics and stay on the island, there are some nice accommodation options where you can stay, go swimming and head to the Scooby Doo Beach Bar.


Gili Islands:

To make this short, there are 3 Islands. 

  1. Gili Air
  2. Gili Meno
  3. Gili Trawangan.

    Gili Trawangan
    is the bustling island where you go if you want to meet backpackers, party, sleep or just watch a movie in the sand. Most of the action is centered on the southern part of the island but it’s also fine to go to as a couple if you want a romantic getaway. There’s not motorized transport so everything is horse and cart over here!
    Gili Meno is the least visited island. I know they have a turtle sanctuary and you can do some diving trips which are meant to be good. Other than that, there’s not too much to do. You can stay here in one of the bungalows they have available on the island but don’t expect anything too special.
    Gili Air is where all the locals live. It still has restaurants and bars but it’s not as intense as Gili T with all the partying. They have a Night Market, some boat tours and some Villa’s to stay in but I probably wouldn’t spend too long here.

kaliantan-lombokLombok: An East Island just off Bali, it isn’t as popular as it’s neighbor but has many isolated beaches and a perfect place to stay if you just want to do day-trips to The Gili Islands. Also it’s the home of Mount Rinjani (the second highest volcano in Indonesia) where you can book guided tours to explore. The main area to stay in on Lombok is Senggigi as that’s where all the hotels and restaurants are. Things to do are day trips, swimming and snorkeling.

Credit: None of the pictures used are mine, if you come across a picture you own let me know and I’ll credit you 🙂 I just did a cheeky Google search.

Travel Insurance

** I’ve put a star next to some information as every Travel Insurance company is different. Some cover you for this or that whereas others will only pay you back a certain amount depending on what type of insurance you bought.


If you’ve booked travel, book Travel Insurance!!
I always hear about people booking their flights and all their accommodation but will sort out their travel insurance “later on”
The thing with travel insurance is that it protects you as soon as you’ve booked it – meaning if you break your leg or suddenly get really sick and you’re not allowed to fly then your travel insurance will cover you* and then hopefully you can fly at a later date and not have to pay those outrageous airline fees.

Even if you don’t need to make a claim when you get back, at least you’re not worrying about medical bills or anything while you’re exploring South East Asia or the City of Rome. My Dad is currently in Thailand and is quite sick at the moment so that’s what made me think of writing this type of blog. He was talking to my mother yesterday – worrying about not being able to catch his flights back to New Zealand at the end of the week in case he was too sick but wasn’t sure if Insurance would cover him. (Turns out they will if he provides a medical certificate stating he can’t fly)

When Can Travel Insurance Cover Me?:

Apart from situations like that of my Dads, Travel Insurance companies can cover you if the airline looses your bags. They can provide or refund you with money* if you have to go out and buy new clothes or toiletries as well as any medication that may be in your bags that you need in an emergency. If your bags are completely lost, you’ll have to report it before you leave the airport. Usually your Travel Provider will try and get you to seek compensation with the Airline first before going to them as they are the ones that lost your bags!

Side Note: I would never put medicine I desperately needed in my checked-in bags purely because of this happening.20150926_152230.jpg

If you have a medical emergency in another country, travel insurance can cover you if you need to go to the hospital or end up needing to go to the doctors for antibiotics etc.
I can’t stress enough that if you’re ever travelling to the USA, Take out Travel Insurance!!
Health care costs so much in America as they spend more than any other country on things like drugs and equipment. Doctors earn more in the U.S so that’s why lots of suppliers charge more for medical equipment than they do anywhere else. Americans also receive more medical care than other countries. If someone needs their gall bladder removed or heart surgery than they’re much more likely to get it done in the states so when foreigners come over and suddenly need surgery it costs an absolute fortune!

When you’re in a developing country like Vietnam, Cambodia or Samoa, many hospitals will admit you without asking if you have coverage or any type of insurance. Once you’re all fixed up and ready to go, they won’t let you leave until you pay up. This is where your Insurance Provider comes in and acts as an advocate so you’re not over-charged and can get all the payment sorted.


If your passport or wallet are stolen (Which is one of the most annoying-est things to happen!) you can claim for the replacement costs to get you back on the road. If it happens, you have to make a report to the police first and then when you go to make a claim, you’ll need to send your receipts for passport processing fees, the additional travel expenses, accommodation expenses and copies of all documentation to prove that it did happen.

If you need to cancel your trip due to illness, you may be able to be partly refunded (or fully refunded if you’re lucky) for your flights or ‘change of date’ fees. If you’ve already booked accommodation, it’s best to let them know ASAP as some let you cancel within 48 hours for no charge.

Natural Disasters do happen from time to time too, so Travel Insurance may cover you if you need to suddenly come home or actually can’t come home because planes aren’t flying. Obviously you can’t suddenly get Travel Insurance once the natural disaster has happened…

With everything going on in the world at the moment, Terrorist incidents are occurring more and more often. If something has happened in the city where you were planning on visiting and you want to cancel your trip your Travel Insurance Provider may cover you for flight changes and accommodation if it’s a major threat.
It must be noted however that many policies only cover you for your trip if an act of terrorism occurs in the specific country you’re traveling to or from. If your destinations isn’t really near where anything is happening you may not be covered.

Travel Insurance Advice:

I’d recommend only taking out Travel Insurance if you were going on an actual TRIP.
By this, I mean:

  • If you’re travelling for a long period of time
  • You’re staying in hotels for a long period
  • You’re going to a place you’d never been to before far away from home
  • You have luggage with you that has some spendy stuff in it
  • Your destination isn’t know to be particularly safe (In terms of stuff getting stolen and the roads are mayhem)
  • If you have a complex itinerary and may miss connecting flights or tours if something were to happen
  • And your whole trip maybe costs more than $3,000.

If you’re travelling from Auckland to Wellington in New Zealand on a $39 Grabaseat Flight than I wouldn’t even bother. Most likely the airline will put you on another flight free of charge if your flight gets cancelled and they should be able to cover your luggage costs if your bag gets lost*

Check before you buy if you already have Insurance. Some credit cards you have include travel insurance already but always check that the cover is sufficient for your needs. The ‘free’ insurance they provide can sometimes be very basic and not cover everything.
Also, if you already have Home Owners Insurance or Contents Insurance you may be able to get a discount through the Insurance Provider you already have for some Travel Insurance. (Did I say Insurance enough in that sentence?)

Compare before you buy!
If you’re booking your holiday through a travel agent, they’ll most likely try and sell you travel insurance as well. The only thing is, it nearly always costs more than what you could buy yourself online or through the provider directly.
If it’s easier and takes the hassle out of everything than sure – go ahead. Just make sure you go over all the fine print before hand.

Speaking of Fine Print, make sure you know your excess and what is and isn’t covered. This is the biggest complaint I hear from people and read online. They bring a Tablet with them on holiday which costs $500 and when it gets stolen they end up having to pay a $400 excess and then their provider only ends up giving them $200 towards a new one because that’s how much they claim it’s “worth” now.
Also, if you’ve gotten something stolen overseas, make sure you get a police report that says it’s been stolen and where from! I read about a couple that went overseas and someone’s laptop got stolen but the police wrote down ‘they left it’ somewhere so they weren’t covered because the Insurance Provider said it was their fault.
Some Providers won’t cover you for sports like Bungy-Jumping, Skiing or Snowboarding so this would be a good thing to discuss with your insurer beforehand.

If you’re going to South East Asia, you’re usually not covered if you ride a scooter. Way too many accidents happen with people falling off scooters and majorly grazing their legs because they decided to wear a skirt and flip flops. I think most Insurance Companies have written in their policy that you won’t be covered for riding Scooters or Motorbikes anymore.

Keep EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER you need to claim back. That means receipts from the hospital/doctors visit. Receipts from medication you had to get. Hotels you had to stay at because your flight was cancelled etc…

How Much Should I Spend?:

I found that the cost of Travel Insurance really makes a difference depending on where you’re going and how long you’re going for.
When I got insurance for my Round-The-World Trip, as soon as I selected online I was going to The States than the price went up majorly!

If you’re looking at Travel Insurance from New Zealand, there’s a website called Travel Insurance Compare  where you put in your destination, how long you’re going for and also what type of trip it is (Single, multi sector, cruise etc.) and it shows you quotes from a few different Insurance Providers.
The only thing I found with this website however, is that it doesn’t quote all NZ Insurance Providers, only a select few. So it’s best to do more research online.

I found Southern Cross to be quite useful. The have 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance and their website is really easy to use. Just put in where you’re going and how old you are to get a quick quote. If you book online, it’s much cheaper than calling them up too.
I made a claim with them and it was really easy to do. Just e-mailed them and sent in my receipts.

I’ve read Travel Insurance Direct is really good too.
They pay Unlimited Overseas Medical Expenses and Unlimited Cancellation Costs and Additional Expenses from what it says on their website. I might look into using them next time I go on holiday 🙂


I’ve only made a claim once and that was recently on my trip through the UK and Europe. I was with Southern Cross at the time and paid about $360 for a 3 month cover which included the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East & Asia.
When I was on a Tour on my travels, I was sick pretty much half the time with bad Bronchitis so ended up having to go to the doctors in the UK and spent about 100 Pounds all up on the doctors and antibiotics. (That’s about NZD $215)
When I was in Croatia I also jammed my thumb in a door on the Party Cruise I was doing (Whilst drunk I’ll admit) and went to hospital just for them to bandage it up for $3,000 Kuna (NZD $660)
Crazy I know! They didn’t even give me painkillers, but they did do X-rays etc which I really didn’t need. The things you do when you’re intoxicated and you think your thumb is going to fall off…

When I got home, I had a $100 excess (Which I figured out was PER claim) so had to pay $200 excess and then they paid me back around $600 dollars or whatever the exchange rate was at the time.

I know some New Zealanders get Insurance when they travel to Australia (Which is great to have for some things) but I remember I went to Melbourne for a week and ended up going to the hospital Accident & Emergency and didn’t end up having to pay anything.
I was originally worried about payment but the Receptionist there told me that I wouldn’t have to pay anything because Like New Zealand, Australia has both public and private health care systems. So Australian taxpayers fund the public health system just like we fund ours over here and as a New Zealander in Australia we’re allowed free emergency hospital care but any doctor visits etc… you’ll have to pay for. Unless you have a Medicare Card which you can get if you move to Australia.




HI New York City – Hostel Review

Stayed: September 2015, 7 Nights
Room: 4 Bedded Female Dorm
Overall Rating: 9/10 *Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor*

img_20150919_205449.jpgI’ll start off by saying that i absolutely LOVE New York.
It had always been at the very top of my list for places to see before I die and I’d move there in a heartbeat if the USA wasn’t so strict on who can live in America!
I loved seeing The Empire State Building and feeling like I was in a movie, I loved walking through Central Park and thinking of F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe went jogging (Even though it wasn’t actually filmed there) and I love how it’s just full of people doing everything from singing and dancing on the subway to doing yoga in the park without a care in the world.
I’ve only been to New York in the Summer time but I would absolutely love to go in the Winter and see Central Park covered in snow. Eeeek! It makes my insides all warm just thinking of it.
I was there for a week and there is still so much I want to see and do. I seriously think in my head about making it a yearly or second-yearly place to travel to…

Anyways, on to the accommodation side of things.
If you’ve ever looked for Hotels in New York City, the cheapest you’d find around August would be $75 – $150 a night for a room at a hotel near the airport. (which is a bit of a drive away from everything) I wanted to be as close to the center of things as possible.
I also wanted to stay somewhere safe and close to a Subway so I wasn’t walking the streets in the dark. (Even though that did end up happening but that’s another story)


Hi New York City Hostel is on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and is surrounded by Central Park and Riverside Park. It’s also just a few minutes walk down the road to the subway where you can easily get to Times Square and Rockefeller Center, the High Line, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Empire State Building and the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.
I think I ended up going to Times Square every second day because it was so easy to get to on the Subway.

To get here, you can order a shuttle or take a taxi from JFK but I think they end up costing about $70 (Plus you have to pay for bridge tolls and a tip on top) and that’s no fun if you’re travelling by yourself.
You can take the train which I’ve heard is excellent and very fast.
Amtrak – Penn Station and then take the Subway to the hostel.
When I’d finished my Contiki tour at a hotel, I took the Subway and stopped off at the station nearest to my hostel.

When I arrived, the Hostel outside actually looked exactly like the pictures. It’s so big!
Can you believe they have 667 beds!
There’s lots of different rooms that you can choose to stay in from 12 Bedded Female Dorm rooms to Male 6 Bedded Dorm rooms. The prices range from USD$58 – $68 per night in the Summer Time (Probably cheaper in the Winter) and you may think that’s expensive for a Hostel, but believe me, try looking at the hotels in the Upper West Side. HELLLOO $300 a night for somewhere decent!
I think for my stay I ended up paying about $600-$700 for the week for a female dorm with 4 beds.
20150914_163656.jpgIt really doesn’t feel cramped at the hostel either. When I arrived, I had to wait in line for awhile to check-in as everyone seemed to be doing it at the same time but there was never any problem with over-crowding or everyone getting in your way as you’d think would be the problem with nearly 700 people staying there.

[[Now a thing to remember is that this hostel is part of an organization called Hostelling International which is the federation of more than 70 National Youth Hostel Associations in more than 80 countries around the world. If you don’t have a membership you have to pay USD $3 per person per night otherwise you can become a member online here.
Being a member gives you at least a 10% saving on the cost of your accommodation and in some countries Membership is compulsory. Apart from giving you discounts on Accommodation, your membership also gives you access to thousands of travel-related savings at home and abroad. ]]
When I took the lift to my room, it was fine. It wasn’t anything overly amazing like most Hostels aren’t.
I had a bed with my own locker and provided my own key. All the doors are swipe-card activated and you also need your card to get into the main building so no randoms can come in.
The only thing which was annoying was putting my swipe card next to my phone every day and it’d get de-activated so I’d continuously be at the Reception getting it re-activated. (Something to do with you phone and the magnetic stuff in the card…)
20150919_033044.jpgWhat I loved about this hostel is the atmosphere. They really want people to get to know one another so they host twice-weekly Welcome Parties in the patio area (with either a  $6 BBQ or Live Band) and then you can go and experience the nightlife with one of the hostel leaders and 50 of your new friends. They also do free beer some nights (However as I don’t drink beer I went across the road to the liquor store and bought some other alcohol – Which I think isn’t quite allowed but you maaaay be able to get away with)
20150914_221807.jpgIf drinking isn’t really your thing, they have things like Salsa Tuesdays, Ice-Skating in Central Park (Seasonal), Magic and Comedy shows in the theater and day-tours which you can sign up for.
If you’re ever hungry too, they have a full cafe downstairs with so many yummy cupcakes and sandwich type goodies in the cabinet! As Breakfast was included in my room price I had a bagel basically every morning with SOOO much cream cheese. Yum!!


  • Free Wi-Fi everywhere
  • TV Room
  • Massive Kitchen downstairs (Not sure how great it is as I never used it)
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Has it’s own Cafe with so many yummy things!
  • Lockers Available
  • Accepts Groups Of People
  • Pool Table
  • Chill-out area where you can charge your phone
  • Out-door drinking/patio area
  • Central Park – 3 Blocks away
  • Self-service laundry facilities
  • Free linens, towels, and housekeeping service
  • Hair Driers in Bathroom
  • Vending Machines
  • Cycle Storage
  • Smoking Area (If you smoke obviously than it’s not an advantage)
  • Friendly Staff
  • Pub Crawls and Day Walking-Tours


  • Waiting for the showers in the morning
  • 1 Slow Elevator so always having to take the stairs (Me just being lazy)
  • I sleep through everything, but it may get loud on some nights for some people
  • My card always being deactivated 😦

Overall my stay was fantastic!
I got so drunk on the first night that I can’t even remember my first and only yellow-taxi cab ride back to my hostel.
I went to the Top of the Rock and saw the Empire State Building.

I ate yummy nachos at T.G.I.F’s in Times Square.
20150920_184807.jpgI bought my first pair of Levi Jeans.
I went to what I think is the biggest Victoria Secrets Store and bought lots of yoga pants.
20150920_171218.jpgI went for a run through Central Park, people-watched and saw Squirrels!
I also made some great memories and met some really fun girls to go to the beach with and out to a roof top bar at night!

And finally I ate sooo much Ben & Jerry’s with this lovely human which made my last few days in America so much fun!