Packing List

I’m currently lying on my bed listening to Sam Hunt sing from my speakers, all while wearing this silly little travel cushion around my neck haha.


I finally have some free time to write a quick blog about getting ready for my travels overseas!!
Last Friday was my last day at work for the next few months. The other administrative girls bought me a cake for my ‘Last day’ which was really nice of them 🙂


As I leave tomorrow to head up to Auckland, I’ve spent the day packing all my stuff together and hoping that my backpack ends up at a respectable weight…
The final weight was just under 14kgs so I think I did alright. Ecspecially as I’m taking shampoo, conditioner, a big bottle of fake tan and lots of contact lenses!!
These past 2 weeks I’ve been have eye after eye problems so I was slightly freaking out that the first part of my trip I’d have irritated eyes but it’s all cleared up now 😥
I had been using this eyelash serum called F Lash for a few weeks (this was to make my eyelashes supposedly grow and not get eyelash extensions) and I ended up getting a swollen cornea from it 😣 was so annoying! And then two styes on top of that!
I know some people who use the serum though and they’re fine, I think my eyes are just really sensitive to stuff.

So yes, I haven’t quite gotten to my maximum weight of 23kgs I’m allowed on the plane. Im a bit disappointed however I couldn’t stay under 12kgs. That was my goal weight!


I figure most of the stuff I’ve packed I’ll use up on my trip so it can only get lighter ☺
It’s not too bad to carry on my back, but I do want to buy stuff along the way.
I’m thinking I’ll collect magnets as my souvenirs from everywhere I go. It was either that or pens haha.
This is what I’ve packed so far. (And please note that I’m a real girly girl so some of this stuff most people wouldn’t bring)
☆ 2 pairs of shorts
☆ 3 tops
☆ 2 pairs of gym pants (1 long and 1 short)
☆ 1 casual play suit
☆ 1 dressy play suit (for dinners/going out)
☆ 1 light dress
☆ 2 skirts
☆ 1 pair of jeggings
☆ 5 pairs of socks
☆ 5 bras (2 strapless for dresses)
☆ 5 pairs of underwear
☆ night gown
☆ small/light dressing gown
☆ 1 Kathmandu insulated jacket
☆ Jandals
☆ canvas shoes
☆ Nike sport shoes
☆ 3 face cloths (I use these every night to wash my make up off)
☆ 1 bottle of kerastase shampoo
☆ 1 tub of kerastase masque
☆ small bottle of contact lense solution
☆ 90 pairs of contact lenses (dailies, grr. Wish I had great eye sight)
☆ st tropez dark mousse tan
☆ tanning mit
☆ razor
☆ talcum powder
☆ toothbrush
☆ sunglasses
☆ hair brush
☆ hair straightener
☆ travel hair drier
☆ pillowcase (I like to have my own)
☆ 1 towel
☆ camera
☆ camera charger
☆ phone & tablet chargers
☆ adaptors for each country
☆ bathroom bag


Which has
– make up brushes
– make up (Eg, foundation, blush, powder, concelor, Mascara, lipstick)
– travel sized shower gel
– travel sized moisturizer
– night cream
– day cream
– eye cream
– face scrub in a little travel sized tub
– body bronzer in a little 100ml bottle
– cotton tips
– ear plugs
– sea sickness tablets
– pain relief
– mouth ulcer ointment (I always get them when I’m run down 😩)
– Bactroban ointment


In  my carry on bag I have…
☆ My passport
☆ all my documents in a folder (including all my Contiki tour stuff)
☆ glasses
☆ phone
☆ wallet
☆ tablet
☆ kindle
☆ headphones
☆ ipod
☆ 5 magazines (which I’ll get rid of when I’m done haha)
☆ small torch
☆ spare top & pants
☆ lip balm
☆ small travel tub of my origins overnight hydrating mask
☆ face wipes
☆ travel toothbrush and paste

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything.
Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten anything. I feel like all the stuff I’ve packed I’ll actually need. I know I could just pack my phone and not bring my tablet or anything but I’m going to use it on the plane and watch all my ‘Orange is the new black’ on it. Plus I feel it’s pretty good for writing my blogs and watching stuff on the long bus trips.

It’s weird, I feel I’d be more excited for this trip because everyone else is. I just don’t think it’s really hit me yet that I’m going. I think once I’m on the plane I’ll be like “holy shit I’m going overseas by myself”

Happy travelling everyone xx

3 thoughts on “Packing List

  1. ambitiouswanderer August 10, 2015 / 6:59 am

    Hahaha, I was planning to write about stuff to pack (but focussed on SE-Asia) soon as well. You have so much beauty equipment I don’t even have at home, let alone in my backback haha. I think you will find that you won’t wear any make-up on your travels, with the exception of special occasions maybe. Backpacking usually turns even the classiest girls into sanitary criminals. I guess you’ll find out for yourself.

    Anyways, on the contrary, I would advice you to bring a few more tops and maybe more underwear too, depending on what countries you will visit and if you expect to have a washing machine. I brought five tops to a warm and humid country and wearing at least two different tops on the same day makes you wish you had so many more!

    Anyway, have a blast!


    • Sarah August 10, 2015 / 7:04 am

      Haha yes, I completely understand where you’re coming from regarding the make up. When I went to Bali I still continued to wear my make up so I thought I’d bring it anyways! Ecspecially as I’ll be going through america, Las Vegas here I come 😆 I however haven’t brought any heels or going out dresses so I’m hoping to find some in LA.’re right with the tops as well. I feel if it’s hot I’ll be sweating and should probably bring more. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MehakSrivastava August 10, 2015 / 9:52 am

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