Day 33 Washington #3

My final full day in Washington DC.
To be completely honest I wasted half the day sleeping in and then didn’t get out of bed till like 12pm.

I missed the football game I had signed up for and instead had some wonderful shut eye. It was nice not having to run and catch the bus early that morning so I was making the most of bed time haha.

When I did get out of bed, I headed out for a big walk with Ethan again. We went and got Thai food from this place like 15 minutes away which had the best ever lemonade.


It was nice to have Thai food because I haven’t had it since I left home!
I got a curry which ended up being alright apart from the potatoes being under-cooked.
I don’t know why they do that in America but it’s like the second time it’s happened to me.


After a late lunch, we headed on for our walk and ended up walking past the zoo so decided to go there.
It’s cool because so many things are free in Washington DC, including the zoo.


I even saw a fishing cat which was pretty cool!


This one above was sleeping.

I also saw lots of birds, a couple of elephants, zebras, cheetahs, gorillas haha. I even tried this American ice cream thing. It’s like these colorful small balls that look like tiny beans (like in a bean bag) but it’s actually ice cream and it melts in your mouth haha.


When we were done at the zoo we walked out a different entrance and ended up getting a bit lost.
The walk back to the hotel ended up taking forever!
My feet were so sore 😯

Eventually we made it though and I lost 10kgs from the walk. Haha!

That was the last night of Contiki so there was lots of t-shirt signing and everyone saying how much they were going to miss each other that night.
I thought I had a white t-shirt in my bag but I must have lost it along the way because when I went the get it I couldn’t find it. 😕
No t-shirt signing for me!
I was going to get one the next day and get everyone to sign it on the bus but I couldn’t be bothered in the end.

I didn’t end up going out that night, too tired!  And as it’s nearly the end of my American trip I’m running out if American funds.  💲💸

Even though it doesn’t seem like it from what I’ve written, there is literally so much to do in Washington D.C!
All The Smithsonian Museums are really popular. I would have loved to go and see the National Air and Space Museum but I just ran out of time/got a bit slack towards the end of my trip.
There’s lots of memorials to look at like The Korean War Veterans Memorial and The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial
The Newseum on Pennsylvania Ave is worth a look if you have the time. It has seven levels of interactive exhibits include 15 galleries and 15 theaters. One of the exhibits is the 9/11 Gallery which has the broadcast antennae from the top of the World Trade Center.
You can also see the Berlin Wall Gallery where eight concrete sections are shown from the largest pieces of the original wall outside Germany, and the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery which features photographs from every Pulitzer Prize-winning entry dating back to 1942.

I might do a ‘What to do in Washington D.C’ Post at some point.


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