Day 21 – New Orleans

This morning, My alarm went off at 7.30am which I set so I could make it to the 8.30am bus departure for the Alligator Swamp Tour I’d signed up for.
You’re probably wondering if I made it considering the ending of my last blog.

The conversation with my room-mate Brooke went something like this
Brooke – “Sarah are you going to get up?? You have 10 minutes to be at the bus”
Me – “Ahh, I think I’ll miss it. Isn’t it only like $10 I’m paying anyways?”
B – “uhh no its $60”
Me – “F*** sakes!” *forces myself out of bed and puts some clothes on*

I made it to the shuttle bus just in time looking a little worse-for-wear.
Below is a quick snap I took in the morning of my corner of the bus 😩imageEveryone was feeling pretty similar to how I felt!
When we got to the swamp, we had to wait around for a bit and then got put into groups of around 15 for the boats.imageimageOnce we were out on the water I felt a little better thanks to the boat breeze. I would have sweated myself away in the New Orleans heat otherwise!imageI thought Alligators would be quite scary but they’re not at all. They’re really chilled and kinda just swim around in the swamp minding their own business. We had a really good tour guide who kept trying to grab one out of the water to show us and he told us lots of facts about them. He was saying how the alligator guides cut their tail fins a certain way when they’re born so they can find out how old they are later in life.
We actually ended up getting to hold a baby Alligator too which was cool.

imageimage(My hair is looking beautiful here I know 💁)

When the tour was over we all went back to the hotel. I had a shower and washed my hair and ended up going out again down to the mall to try and find some more clothes to wear.
I ended up only buying a light play-suit to wear but currently I’ve worn it for the past 2 days straight!
I’m in desperate need of doing some washing.

At 6pm we all headed to Mardi Gras world. That’s where they make all the floats for Mardi Gras.
We took a tour to see what it takes to bring Mardi Gras to life year after year. We also learnt about the history of Mardi Gras and our tour guide showed us how they make all the floats.
It was an okay tour, they gave us free drinks at the beginning so I think people were more distracted by that.
We then got to make masks for the next hour.imageimageI didn’t take a picture of my mask but I’ll try to next time I see it.
I gave it to our coach driver Ricky to put on his bus haha.
I made it so it looked like the American

That night I wasn’t planning on going out…but you know what happens on Contiki.imageQuite a few of the people who I feel I’ve grown the closest to left Contiki that night. They were finishing the tour in New Orleans while the rest of us continued on to New York City 😥
There were many tears as people said goodbye! And quite a few pictures taken. (very blurry pictures may I add, I’m only 24 and can afford a Samsung Note 3)imageimageimageimageThe flash wasn’t very good so I guess you could say these pictures won’t be going up on my wall any time soon.

The bar we were at closed after 12am so when the clock struck midnight we all went our own ways and went home.
There was 11 new girls who joined our Contiki group too so let’s see if they like us rowdy bunch! 😜


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