Day 27 – Daytona Beach


We left Miami at about 8.30am on Monday morning to head off to Daytona Beach.
I didn’t actually really sleep on the bus for some reason this time.
It was one of our shorter bus journeys so I just looked out the window the whole time haha.

To be honest, my night in Daytona was very boring. More so because I had a ‘rest’ night.
When we arrived in Daytona a few people on the tour did an optional Daytona Speedway Tour before the hotel but I didn’t do it.

The rest of us headed off to the hotel and checked in with all our bags.
The hotel we stayed at was pretty basic but it had a pool and it was right on the beach. You could tell it’d be used for Spring break parties as well haha.

I decided to do my washing at the hotel. When I put my washing in the machine I realised I didn’t grab any washing powder off our tour manager and he was out so I used one of the washing machine dispensers for a packet but it didn’t give me any powder 😑
I decided to just wash my clothes without any washing powder and now they smell average.


I met up with Diogenes a bit later and we did a little bit of souvenir shopping in the rain.
I bought my magnet and he bought this random mask to take back home to Australia.
We also went to Walgreen’s and bought some Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and proceeded to turn into 2 girls sitting watching TV and eating the whole tub before dinner.
(I thought we had no freezer at the time so the only option was to eat it all)


That night we had a buffet dinner at the hotel. There was salads, bread,
sasuages and other meats.
It was so average. I kind of just picked at the salad and had a bit of the meat then left the rest. I probably wasn’t very hungry as I ate so much ice cream before – hand as well.


After dinner, a few of us went down the road to this sports type bar. I didn’t drink and we only stayed for a couple and then walked back to the hotel.
I ended up having a shower back at the hotel and hopping into bed and watching TV while writing my previous blogs.


Overall I barely saw Daytona beach, just the outside of my hotel and a couple of shops that were around us.
It was more to do with the fact the weather was really shit so I didn’t want to go out and I had a big night in Miami the night before.

My impression of Daytona was a bit dirty. To be honest I’m kinda judging it from our hotel and the area we were in. Plus the type of homeless people put me off a bit.
I’m sure on a nice day Daytona is really beautiful though. If I go back I’d rather spend it in a different area.


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