Cancun – 22nd July 2019

Monday July 22nd

Such an early morning for us today! My boyfriend and I had a 6am flight to catch, meaning we had to be at the airport 3 hours beforehand. It didn’t help that we also did a big hike yesterday so by the time we got back home it was around 9pm which resulted in us falling into bed around 11pm. 😴😴 Hello 4 hours of sleep!

This is my third visit to Cancun in the last two years but the first visit that isn’t work related! Yay 🤗

My boyfriend is about to head back home to New Zealand this month (I will follow later) so this was our last chance to have a couples getaway before we go back and live in New Zealand and Mexico is a million miles away 🛫 Plus, I feel bad I’ve been to Cancun twice already for work and Nathan has never even set foot on Mexico soil! I always said we’d experience it together so here we are!

We arrived into Cancun around 2.15pm this afternoon. We flew Interjet (Mexican airline) from Vancouver and they were pretty good. They’re defintaly nothing fancy (I think their Airbuses are a little old), there’s no seat back entertainment or wi-fi but the seats had heaps of legroom which is always surprising to see on aircrafts these days. Luckily I got us sat in the third row and the two rows in front of us were free during the flight so we both got our own row to stretch out on and catch up on some sleep.

I had organized a private transfer for us from the airport to our first hotel (we’re switching up between 2 hotels during our stay) however I stupidly organized a transfer from the HOTEL to the AIRPORT instead of the other way round 🙈 I’m a travel agent but I swear when it comes to my own travel I never do anything right. I didn’t even realise we were leaving for Cancun today until a couple of days ago 🤦‍♀️

Anyways, the transfer company sorted it for us and took us to Panama Jack Cancun. Our resort located right in the Hotel Zone. I’ve visited this place before for work and thought it was pretty good. We’re actually staying here for free as I have a free night through work, then we’ll switch it up tomorrow and star at a 5-star luxury resort 😍

As we’re only here for one night, they upgraded us to a Junior Suite Ocean View which was very nice of them! The room is immaculate, the shower pressure is great (I’m picky with those kinds of things) and the bar fridge is stocked (however I feel it could be stocked with more alcohol haha)

After showering off our plane ride, we headed downstairs to find some food options. This resort has a nice selection of options. There’s a coffee bar in the lobby, a beachfront buffet, plus Mongolian, Mexican & Italian restaurants. – can’t complain!

We decided to eat at one of the smaller buffets for lunch then head to the beach for a walk.

Our walk didn’t last long as the sand was too soft which made walking a little difficult 😂 we soon decided it was best if we chilled by the pool with a drink.

The pool was great to cool down in, however it was over-run with kids. Panama Jack Cancun is 100% a great place for families. The rooms are spacious, the food is varied at the buffets (even for the fussy eaters) however for me personally I don’t like being surrounded by lots of youngsters – especially as I used to be a nanny so I have this motive to smile at every little kid or converse with them if they start a conversation with me but then I’m sucked in to playing with them for a few hours 😫

When we were done swimming, we headed back up to our room to get ready for dinner. Mexican seemed like the best option to me, however Nathan was pretty keen to go back to the buffet. It took a bit of convincing from me to get him to agree to have an intimate sit down dinner at the Mexican restaurant instead of joining the buffet line 😒 but we got there eventually. It’s always nice trying new food, ecspecially when it’s all included in the rate! I can’t do a buffet 3 times in a day!

After our two-course Mexican meal (I skipped dessert) we actually went to the buffet so I could get some sweet treats and Nathan could finish his night off with some sausage meatloaf, oysters and mashed potato (randomest mix I know)

We’re now currently in bed at 9:30pm – Nanas 🛌 However we want to get up early-ish and hit the gym before breakfast. Gotta try even out all the eating with a weight or two 😜

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