Day 16 – Dallas (Texas)

I think everyone was feeling pretty seedy the next morning on the way to Dallas.
The bus ride took about 4 hours to get there with our usual stop offs for food and snacks etc and arriving in Dallas in the afternoon.

imageimageimageSo what I know about the city of Dallas…It’s known for it’s historical importance as the center for the oil and cotton industries. It’s positioned along numerous railroad lines which made it easier back in the day for the transport of cotton, cattle and later on oil – in North and Eastern Texas.
Dallas and Fort Worth (which are nearby) were developed due to the construction of these major railroad lines.
The airport here in Dallas is also the third busiest airport in the world and is larger than Manhattan Island in NYC!dal6Dallas is known for their Dallas Coy-boys and Cheerleaders. Not to mention they apparently have some of the ‘Best-looking woman in the states’ which I guess the boys on the trip were soon to find out.
7-eleven-officeYou know the store 7-Eleven? Well that was started in Dallas as an ice-selling operation. (So basically they just sold ice) until 1927 when they started selling milk and eggs to customers. Eventually they sold gasoline in 1928 and then the ‘slurpee’ drinks in in 1965 along with many other goods as time went on.imageWhen we arrived in the city of Dallas, we did a quick drive-by to the spot where President John F Kennedy was shot and killed years ago. (But more on that in my next blog)imageimageThe above picture is a photo I took of the Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas.
It’s 171 meters tall and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dallas. It was a free standing structure until the construction of the Hyatt Regency Dallas in 1998.imageWe also stopped and took photos of these bulls at Pioneer Plaza.
The bulls honor Dallas’ cowboy past by celebrating the trails that brought settlers to Dallas. It has a flowing stream and waterfall with a re-creation of a cattle drive in the form of bronze statues of longhorns being driven by three horse riding cowboys.

imageimageOur hotel we stayed at in Downtown Dallas – Spring Hill Suites – was probably one of the nicest Hotels so far. It was walking distance to the Dealey Plaza, Dallas Aquarium and American Airlines Center which is the home to sports and concert events.
It was probably the first Hotel we stayed at that we got a couch and TV in a separate room. Faaaancy.

Once we’d all settled into our rooms, myself and a few others went for a little walk.
I think we were trying to find cowboy boots because we were all going out that night but the only store that sold them (which was close by) the boots were $150+
Considering I have no room in my bag I’d have to throw them out and I couldn’t justify spending that much money on them for one night. 😦

That night we all headed around the corner to Ellens Southern Kitchen for dinner where we had the most delicious meal.
I think I’ve just eaten so much crap food lately that it was good to just have some veges and meat. This meal was included in our ‘Contiki price’ like quite a few of our other dinners. (I love all these included meals)
I had a chicken fried chicken (haha I know) with a creamy gravy, broccoli and sweet potato fries (slightly like Kumara)imageimageAfter dinner we all got Uber’s and headed off to this line-dancing type club called Cowboys Red River.homeRedRiver
imageI think a few of us just thought it was going to be a pub with us attempting to line dance with a few old geezers.
We were so wrong! The place was massive, it had a main stage where a country singer was singing with a band, a big circle in the middle of the club where everyone line- danced and a bar in the middle of that.
c34cdcd8000508d2c18bd5cb051c5275-450-190There were around 5 bars spread around the club and all the girls who were either dancing or working the bar were so pretty!
They also had an area of pool tables for everyone to play a few games.
I did attempt a few dances, played some pool and did more dancing when they played more  of the ‘latest pop songs’ haha.
Every local girl knew all the moves to every line dance so it was hard to keep up and act like I knew what I was doing.imageimageMost of us ubered home when the club started to close.
Lucky for me I got to have a bit of a sleep in as I didn’t sign up for the Stadium tour the next day (optional activity)

Overall it was a really good night! 🙂

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