Day 62 – Dubrovnik (Croatia)

The sun came out for us on the Monday 🌞🌞
I remember waking up thinking I was going to have a big sleep in and then hearing splashes outside of the rest from the rest of the group jumping into the water.
I quickly decided it was time to cure my hangover with a jump into the clear blue water.
Even if it was freezing!


It was hair washing day as well, so it was a win – win haha


I was not a big fan of jumping off the boat. I had this fear of slipping on the wood and hitting my head or something.
I did it twice and both time I got water all up in my nasal passages because I didn’t block it with my fingers.
My ears kept getting blocked for the next 2 days and my nose would randomly drip water! Haha. Not a nice feeling.
It was fun though, and I’m glad I got in the water at least once on my sailing trip! πŸ‘™


Once everyone had got a bit of water on them, we had some lunch and headed off to Dubrovnik.
Along the way we also probably drunk a few too many 1L cocktails.


Dubrovnik ended up being one of my favourite places! (Maybe it was to do with the sunshine and the alcohol in me 🍸🍹)


I had signed up for a Buggy safari tour when we arrived and I’m so glad it was nice weather that it went ahead!
About 10 of us got picked up and driven to the top of Dubrovnik. We got helmeted up and partnered with someone else to drive these buggys.


I went driving first (dunno if it was the best idea after my cocktails) but it all went well and I had such a good time! I now want a buggy for myself and a big land of grass with rocks and mud to drive through on my weekends haha.


At one point something happened with our petrol so we had to stop, and a few of us got stuck every now and again but it was still really good. As it had been raining there was lots of mud that I wasn’t prepared to get so dirty!


We got to stop off at different places on the mountain and take pictures of the amazing views which was great!
It really made the experience so much cooler.


Eventually it was time to drive back to our starting point and head home. Not before quickly taking an ‘after’ photo of our muddiness though! 😁




When we got back to the boat, the people who weren’t doing the buggy safari that day were all out doing their own thing so I went and had a shower and got changed.
The rest of us met up later on and went in search of some dinner. We were so over boat food and eating pizza all the time that we just wanted a burger and some salad or something (really healthy I know)
We came across this great restaurant right across from where we’d docked and we all pretty much ordered burgers from there.
Also, it was cheap and the wi-fi was bloody fantastic haha πŸ˜‚


I had never been so hungry for a burger in my life.

When everyone got back to the boat, we all started drinking and got ready for our night out in Dubrovnik.
I’m not going to lie, I had a pretty massive night. Bianca told me later on that even when I got on the bus I was drunk as anything (Soz Mum)


It may have had something to do with the 1L cocktails they have on the boat and having skulling competitions with Kyran all night. 😯😣


Anyways, we went to a club (which I obviously can’t remember the name of) and danced the night away.
There was a Busabout group there too (which is another sailing tour the same age as us) and I ended up making friends with them and doing a few shots and drinking more buckets.

Next minute, Sarah can’t get back into the club until her lovely tour manager gets her back in. Then proceeds to be sick in the toilet for the next hour. πŸ˜„
I’m good that when I drink I can pretty much remember everything.
Thank goodness for my lovely Sail Croatia friends who took my drunken self home. Until I spewed in the taxi too and got kicked out on the curb with the rest of them 😟

We thankfully got another taxi back to the boat after convincing the driver that I was fine.
When we arrived, we all sat outside the boat for awhile talking about our night (I may have tried to sleep on the beautiful Croatian marble ground) until I got told to go to bed 😁
At this stage I was just really tired. I’d spewed out all my drunkenness and felt heaps better.
That is until I went back to my cabin, got ready for bed and then proceeded to shut the cabin door WITH my thumb still in the door.
MY GOD. It was the most painful thing ever to happen to such a little part of my body.
I seriously cried like a newborn child. I knew my thumb wasn’t broken but it was swelling and I was sobbing 😭😭 so I ended up being taxi’d to the nearest hospital with my 2 girls Maddy & Millie (god bless them)


What a waste of time that was.
We waited for so long at a hospital that looked like NO ONE worked at. I got x-rays of my hand (Even though I told him I just wanted pain killers and for him to bandage it up) and waited even longer for I have no idea what.
They didn’t even give me painkillers. Just a bill for NZD $300 and wrapped my hand up all cute.



It doesn’t look so bad now, my nail is just black but the swelling has gone l down and I can move my thumb without wincing in pain.

What a day!
And looking back, it ended up being my favourite day/night out of the whole week πŸ˜€


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  1. Heather and Peter Heeb says:

    Hi Sarah, we are only just taking a peek at your big holiday. You certainly seem to be having lots of fun and seeing many interesting places. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Liked by 1 person

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