Day 19 Memphis #2

I’m so surprised I made it on to the bus this morning for our tour of Graceland. Considering I didn’t get to sleep until after 5am I feel like I was such a trooper.imageI really enjoyed our trip to see Elvis Presley’s house. I learnt lots about him and actually came to the realization that he was really good looking back in the day. 😄imageThe tour we did was an audio tour so you wear earphones and they give you each an iPad with directions taking you around the house and outside (you can’t go up to his actual bedroom though)
His daughter still sometimes comes and visits the house too so it’s nice it’s still being used.imageimageThere’s stables in the backyard where he had his horses and a little memorial garden which he had for meditation but is now the burial site of him. Buried next to him are also his parents and grandmother.imageimageAfter the tour, a few of us went to this diner across the road. I was really hungry as I still hadn’t eaten since the average dinner the night before but when I saw their food I decided against it as it looked so average. A few others decided to get food from there (I’m looking at you Dave & Marisa) but they ended up hating it. Dave had to keep from throwing up in the bus.
Haha! 🙈

Once back on the bus we stopped off at the place that Martin Luther King got shot and I also went to the Rock & Roll museum.
I don’t have any pictures though coz my phone was really low on battery 😐 so here’s some off Google….27E7B36E00000578-3050969-image-a-29_14297999393192015-08-11-1439328397-7050115-rrmuseumWhen I’d finished the museum tour (another audio tour) I went and met up with Johnathon for lunch at this place called Slims.
I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and fries and it was so freaking good I wish I got a photo!

After that we went in search of a liquor store but as it was Sunday none were open 😦
I had a few remaining bottles from the box that broke the day before (that somehow didn’t get smashed) so I went back to the hotel and joined Dave & Benjamin in their room for drinks after having a shower etc…imageWe organised on our Contiki Facebook page to go out for dinner that night (as it was a free night) so 15 of us met up in the lobby and went to Aldo’s Pizza Pies restaurant for pizza.
It was really close to our hotel and the pizza was so good!!imageAfter pizza we all went back to Beale Street to watch some live music, have some drinks and then go to the clubs.
It was a Sunday night so it wasn’t as rowdy as the night before but I still got down on the dance floor 🙄

I think I was the only white girl dancing 🙆 haha.
imageimageimageI got to sleep just before 4am I think so a little earlier than the night before haha.

I’m now currently on the bus to New Orleans!
I made the bus just in time. I slept in 😦 so had to quickly rush to the bus without doing my hair or make up haha. There were 2 others as well that made it just as we were about to pull off.
Unfortunately for little Jonathan we left him behind as he didn’t make the bus by 8am.
He’s literally still in Memphis and has to make his own way to New Orleans now. Thank god that wasn’t me!image

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