Day 65 – Makarska (Croatia)

This will probably be the most pathetic blog I’ve written so far.
I can’t even remember what I did in this town.
As I’ve bought a new SD card for my phone (to make more room for all the pictures I’ve been taking) I took the old one out which had all my photos from Mljet. Now I have nothing to jog my memory.
I could go into my bag and get my old SD card out and put it into my phone but it’s currently 12.36am where I am and honestly, after 3 cocktails no one has time for that.


Instead, these wonderful pictures off Google Images will have to do.


Being honest, if I can’t remember this place then it can’t have wowed me.. (or it could be the fact that I slept for ages that afternoon and only awoke when it was dark)

It sucks because all the places in Croatia I went to, I can imagine in the Summer time for them to be amazing!!
I could imagine lots of people walking around, a Gelato in their hand, drinks in the other, laughing on the way to the beach.
But the scene I got in some places was tumbleweed rolling down the empty road. All the restaurants had shut, a few were open with one worker just having a smoke out the front, the boats all docked in the harbor, a few oldies having a walk around. (Korčula I’m looking at you)zyoonoghbcr8q
Apart from Dubrovnik, It wasn’t really the Croatia I was hoping for.
But it was to be expected when you book your sailing trip for late October.


As this post is about Makarska I guess I should write a little bit about the place.
Its about 60 km southeast of Split and has a population of 13,834 residents.
Lots of tourists come to Markarska as here lies Biokovo Mountain. It’s the second-highest mountain range in Croatia and tourists can join an organised hiking trip to climb up. Otherwise, there’s a Nature Park at the bottom of the Mountain with a Botanical garden.


The center of Makarska is an old town with stone-paved streets, a main church square with a flower and fruit market and a Franciscan Monastery that houses a sea shell collection featuring a giant clam shell.

I didn’t wake from my sleeping slumber until about 5.30pm (I was soo tired, I had come down with another cold on top of my sickness) so I got myself dressed and then joined everyone for dinner at this sea food type restaurant. I ordered a chicken curry type dish that was actually really nice. Apart from the fact I felt really sick afterwards 😩

When we got back to the boat, we all started drinking and then headed out to one of the clubs. It was so small though and ended up being really hot! I sat outside with a few others half the time because I’d just be sweating inside otherwise.

I didn’t stay terribly long that night. I guess I just wasn’t really feeling it so I went home with a few others at about 1am. Thank god I did though because when we got back a storm came over us and it just absolutely poured down.

Next day was Friday and we were heading back to Split in the morning 🙂


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