Day 44 – London

My last full day in London was spent doing little errands I needed to do.
Who would think I had errands to run on holiday!
I slept in again 😴 it must be adjusting to the new time zone or me staying up late to write my blogs that make me super tired 😧

When I was ready for my day, I took the underground to the nearest 3 Mobile store. My friend recommended getting a SIM card from there as it can be used in most places around Europe as well.
I had to wait in line for awhile but eventually got a new SIM with a UK number.


I passed a MAC store earlier as well so decided to get some more foundation from there. With the exchange rate it wasn’t that much cheaper than home but with me doing my make up like twice a day sometimes I’m running out really quick.
I also bought a darker shade of lipstick πŸ’„ because I’d only bought like 2 colours to wear on my trip and I’m kind of getting over them haha.


It was after lunch time by this stage so I went down the road to this Falafel Place and got a pita with falafel and salad in it. The lady at the counter who served me was a bit of a grouch because she was bossing one of the other employee’s around but the falafel was nice to eat πŸ™‚
I sat eating my lunch while searching the Internet for jobs in the UK.
It seems like every place I go to I want to move there! Haha.
The more I think of America the more difficult I find it is to work there.
If I could work in New York easily I would but it seems easier to work in the UK.
Plus my grandmother was born in the UK so I’m assuming from what I’ve read I can stay for up to 5 years and then extend my visa?

Anyways, I have ages to plan that type of stuff!!
I could end up loving Singapore and wanting to move there hahaha πŸ˜€

When I was finished my lunch, I did a little bit of shopping at H&M (bought a jumpsuit and a top for like Β£10 on sale) and tried to find some shoes.
I only have my Nikes and these sandals I bought in Vegas that are falling apart.
I need go buy canvas shoes or boots to wear with my jeans 😦 as sandals aren’t cutting it anymore.


I left Central London around 5pm and when I walked outside I realized all the taxis had stopped on the road and there was this big commotion going on. Turns out they were having a taxi strike, protesting against Uber (I think) it was kinda exciting to be in the middle of it. There were camera crews and everything there haha.
I understand where taxi drivers are coming from basically saying that Uber has ‘stolen’ their jobs.

If you don’t know what Uber is, it’s basically an App on your phone where you sign up with your credit card.
You submit a trip request when you need a ride which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars and come and pick you up.
They have to be a registered Uber driver and they have to have a background check and a newer 4 door car so not any random can rock up in his 95′ Toyota Corolla.

I like using Uber as you can see on your smartphone where the car is and when its approaching. You also don’t need to have your credit card or cash with you, as the money is automatically deducted from your account and you get a receipt automatically sent to your email. You can also do a ‘fare estimate’ to see how much it will cost you to get somewhere which nearly always ends up being so much cheaper than hailing a cab!
I used Uber lots in America and it saved me so much money!
So that was all interesting to see!


When I walked back to my hostel room, I saw I had a new room mate and she was doing the same Top deck tour as me the next day!
We talked for a bit and then decided to go and get some dinner (which ended up with us just buying a sandwich) and went back to the hostel to watch the All Black’s win against Nambia on the Projector they had set up in the Bar area.

That night however I got absolutely no sleep. I had the sorest throat and I was so cold 😯 guess who woke up feeling like shit before her Top deck tour! :'(:'(

(Paris blog to come next)

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