Day 43 – London

I don’t think I’ve been disappointed in any city I’ve been to so far.
Even if some places are a little bit mediocre I can still see the beauty or difference in it which is always a good thing. 😍

London is beautiful!
It may be alot colder than America and the sky is more cloudy but it has so many beautiful old buildings and things to check out.
The taxis are all black and everyone is in a rush. I find the tube more confusing than New York but I’m getting there 🙂 Ecspecially now that I have a SIM card so I can use that cheeky Google maps.

My first day was spent sleeping until 1pm. I didn’t get to sleep properly until about 5am so I had to have some shut eye!
I messaged a guy who was staying at the same hostel, Sean and asked if he wanted to do a bit of sightseeing. I met him the night before and he was one of the few people who hadn’t seen much of London. Even though he was born here!
So after getting ready, I met Sean down stairs and we headed off over the Tower Bridge.
I didn’t even know it was Blue!



We were both pretty hungry/hungover so went in search of some food.
You’d think there’d be food places everywhere but we were struggling to find something we both felt like.
We eventually decided on getting some smoothies and then went to find some Mexican Food.

imageimageWalking with our yummy Smoothies, we found a place called Benito’s Hat and decided to have some lunch there. We both ordered Burritos with some Chipotle grilled Chicken and recieved a small side of Corn Chips, which we ate by the womdpw people watching 🙂
Finally with some food in our tummies, we headed off and caught the underground tube to Westminster Abbey. We basically just looked on a map and picked somewhere touristy to go to. Big Ben was also nearby so it was good to tick two things off our list.

imageWhen we exited the tube and walked up the stairs to the sidewalk, Big Ben was literally right there in front of my eyes. They’re not joking when they call him Big either!
I only got a quick snap on my phone because we planned to come back later and take some better pictures. (which didn’t end up happening of course)
However Big old Ben will still be there when I come back from my Top Deck tour so I’m not too worried about missing out.

imageimageBy this stage of our adventure around London, I was freezing!
I stupidly thought I’d get too hot from walking so decided not to bring a jacket or jumper or anything!
We had to Google map some shops so i could go and buy myself one.


On the way to the shopping streets we walked past Buckingham Palace so had to stop and take pictures!
The Queen was most likely out getting some groceries from Sainsbury so we decided not to go in for scones and tea.



I did consider buying some tea towels for my mum from the Buckingham Palace gift shop nearby until I saw how expensive they were!
I generally don’t think the UK is a very expensive place,but with our New Zealand exchange rate I’m dying even more than I was while in America. I think a tea towel ended up being about NZD$15 😧😧
So, sorry to my Mum back home, I didn’t get it for you.

I did however buy myself a Harvard University hoodie from a British gift store for £20 (which is probably over $40 back home just for a generic Hoodie) now I feel like I can’t ever throw it out.
Continuing our walk through London, we came across a park and I took some snaps of the squirrels and the cute ducks! (we don’t have Squirrels back home so I always find them adorable)
We also saw the London Eye but didn’t make it up there as we didn’t quite have enough time. Just another thing to add to my ‘list of things to do in London’ when I get back.

imageWe came across a Boots store (which I now realise are everywhere around London) and I bought some Shampoo and Conditioner as I was running low. I also had a look at all the make-up and skin care they had while Sean hung around – probably bored out of his mind.
When we got back to the Hostel, it was 9pm! I didn’t even realize it was that late as we’d been walking around for ages. I must still be on New York City time.
Sean and I agreed to go and grab some dinner after we’d freshened up a bit so met down in the Hostel Lobby half an hour later.
We decided to sit down and have some Indian food at a restaurant really close to the hostel before heading back to the hostel bar afterwards for another couple of bevvys.

image(That’s my picture of the dinner I had but finished and forgot to take a snap of 😑)

I’m rushing the end of this blog because it’s 11pm here and I still have today to write about! Plus I have to get up super early to sign in for my Top deck tour tomorrow morning.

My next blog will be about what I got up to today 🙂


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