Day 42 – New York to London

I was so wrong!
I take back my negativity about Iceland Air.
I judged before I experienced and for that I am sorry.


Yes that picture above is correct.
I was near the back of the plane but I got the whole row to myself!
I started talking to another girl across the aisle from me who had the same deal. She had the whole row to herself as well! When we realised that the flight attendants had ‘armed their doors’ and no one had sat next to us we were stoked.
Not to mention the whole flight was smooth and I happily watched a movie ‘The longest ride’ (one of my faves) and then had a nap.
I had 3 blankets as well and a bag of candy. Life was plane perfect!


Apart from not understand half of what the pilot and stewardesses were saying as they spoke Icelandic, it was a thoroughly enjoyable 6 hour flight to Iceland which went so fast.


I am so glad I could look out the window on take – off too. New York City at night was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. It made me so happy inside to be able to see such a massive city all lit up!


And as usual, my camera didn’t do the night time shots any justice… :evil::evil:

When I arrived in Iceland around 7am, I just hung around the very basic airport they had going on. I think I just read a magazine and looked in their gift shop.
Thank god I wasn’t staying in Iceland because everything was so expensive! I didn’t even get a magnet because the cheapest one was $10 NZD
Even the tea towels were about $16 each!!

When it was time to board, I had to sit between 2 others which was fine. We all pretty much slept the 3 hours into London.


When I landed, I got my bag and dragged it to the ticket kiosk to get my Heathrow Express train ticket into London. I should have asked the attendants where the actual Heathrow express left from because I then spent the next 20 minutes going up and down the lifts at the airport trying to figure it out!
Eventually a guy could see I needed help and pointed me in the right direction.
Not gonna lie, the train was pretty nice for an airport train.


I got off at paddington and then bought an Oyster card to take the Underground train to my hostel.
It honestly sucks having no internet on your phone and having noo idea where you going.
When I got off at my station I walked off in the wrong direction of my hostel until I eventually figured it out and walked 15 minutes to Wombats Hostel on Dock street. 😧 by this stage my bag was killing me.


Once I’d checked in, I headed upstairs to my room (a really nice 6 bedroom dorm ) and pretty much flopped down onto my bed and chatted to my room mate Sheree for a little bit.
She was heading out so I had a shower, took out my contact lenses which were drying up on my eyeballs from the flight and then went for a 3 hour nap.

I woke around 6.30pm and dragged myself out of bed to head downstairs at the hostel to their bar area.
I’m glad I did because I met an American girl called Nicole who was really fun. We ate pizza and challenged everyone to games of beer pong. I also played some pool and drunk lots of cider (yay they have Cider in London!)
Overall it was a really fun night. I didn’t even get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning because of all the drinking and meeting new people.



I slept in until about 1pm in the afternoon the next day, I know – my first day in London ever and I’m having a big sleep.
But don’t worry, I did get to experience some London which I’ll write about in my next blog 🙂

One thought on “Day 42 – New York to London

  1. thenuttynoodle September 24, 2015 / 10:44 am

    I love that feeling of having a full row to yourself!


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