Why You Should Use Uber Whilst Traveling

The very first time I used Uber I was on my way to Venice Beach, squished between two random people in the back seat of a 4 door Mazda.
I had been staying at a Hostel in Hollywood where they did free shuttle trips to the beach in the morning, unfortunately for myself and 3 others, we signed up for the shuttle too late and missed the opportunity for a free ride. Instead, someone suggested getting an Uber to the beach! Continue reading

5 Airports You Must See

I love Airports.
I love watching people with all their stuff get off the plane and wonder if they’re here to start a big adventure or if they’re returning home after 2 years abroad.
I love seeing people run to meet their loved ones who they haven’t seen in forever and how Grandparents always exclaim “How big you’ve gotten!!” when you see them hug their Grandchildren. Continue reading