6 Tips On How To Find Cheap Flights

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking flights somewhere and then hearing about how you friend got them for $300 cheaper the other day. Or suddenly you see ‘Cheap as chips’ flights on the television and hear about a great holiday deal on the radio from an Airline to the very destination you’d just booked! Unfortunately I can’t…

Long Haul or Short Haul?

That was the main question that played around in my mind when I went for my interview with Qantas. Yes you heard that right, I was invited to their recruitment day in Auckland! My Flight Attendant dreams have not disappeared quite yet.

Not all hope is lost.

Right – now that I’ve had my cry about not getting through to the previous Airline I applied for, I’ve done my research into other airlines and come across one that apparently isn’t so strict on eyesight. Qantas!