Earthquakes At Home – New Zealand

Every year in New Zealand we have over 15,000 Earthquakes. Some we feel, others we don’t even notice because they’re so small.

There’s been three major Earthquakes in New Zealand which have killed many and destroyed homes over the past hundred years.

The first major Earthquake happened in 1855. It still is the most powerful Earthquake ever recorded to happen in New Zealand. Continue reading

Lake Taupo Trip – New Zealand

It was my partners birthday last weekend (12th November – 13th) where he turned the big twenty three!
How I wish I could be twenty three again….I’m twenty five now and I literally feel like my younger years are coming to an end.
Everyone around me is getting married or has had their first baby, I’m still living at home planning to move across the world for another ‘life’ experience. Ahh… one day I will do what society wants me to do and ‘grow up to get a real job’ maybe just not right now :/ Continue reading

Taxi Guide to NYC

Getting around New York City can be a bit confusing when you’re not a local. You can either take the Subway, walk or catch a Cab.
The Subway is cheap but probably not the best idea if you’re carrying lots of stuff or not confident in what line to take.
When you think of New York, places like Central Park, Hot dogs from the Food Carts and riding in a Yellow Cab probably pop into your head. So when in New York City – I urge you to experience them all! Continue reading