Day 40 – New York City (7)

It was my second to last day in New York City, so what else is there to do but shop!
With my luggage I don’t think I’m ever going to be over – weight because I literally cannot fit 23kgs in the bag. That’s the only regret I have with getting my backpack, there’s just no room for anything!

I started off my morning with a bagel in the hostel cafe (one of my included breakfasts)and then set off for Times Square.
On the way to the Subway I said goodbye to Miriam (from Germany) as she was leaving that day to go home.
I’ve become a subway pro I swear. I’ve only been in NYC for a week and I can now shut my eyes and listen to my music on the subway without fretting about where my stop is.

When I got to Times Square, I had a look in the Levi’s store and contemplated getting a nice pair of Levi’s jeans.
I’ve actually never owned a pair of Levi’s in my life.
1. Because I hate how uncomfortable jeans are and
2. Because I’ve never ever found the ‘perfect’ fit of jeans.
They either fit my legs really well but can’t fit round my stomach (so I feel like a hippo) or they’re just too baggy in places.
I did find a pair at the Levi’s store that fit really well. The only problem was the lighting was really dark in the changing rooms so I bought them anyways but I’m really hoping the look okay! 😦

I also went to this store called Aeropostale which sells really cheap clothes that are still nice. I ended up getting a checkered shirt. They’re absolutely everywhere here so I think they’re defintaly going to be the new winter fashion next year.


The only reason I was buying lots of warm stuff is because my next stop is London and apparantly it’s cold and rainy there at the moment 😦 all I had was Summer clothes in my suitcase.


I had a look in H&M but wasn’t really keen on anything after I’d tried on 8 items and got foundation on one of their white tops. Woops.


Victoria Secrets however is a whole different story. I had to walk a few blocks to find it but when I did you couldn’t miss it!
It was 3 stories and apparantly one of their biggest stores in New York. They also had the PINK store in there too. (Which is another brand of VS)
I spent quite awhile in there. I really wanted some Pink tracksuit type pants so got these dark grey – ish ones and a top to semi-match.
I also got 3 x pairs of gym pants and also really yellow fluro top to match. Which I now kind of wish I didn’t buy coz I don’t think it suits me. The material clings in places I don’t want it to cling 😒


When I was finished my shopping for the day, I decided to go to Applebee’s to eat some dinner. I hear about this place in the Empire State Of Mind song and also as just a generic America restaurant so I decided to check it out.
Meh…wasn’t really a fan of their menu so went to TGIFS instead for dinner.
Table for 1 please!!

When you’re by yourself guys are much more confident to flirt with you I swear. My waiter asked if he could sit with me and then at the end asked for my number haha. It must be an american thing!


The food was really good though. I had free re-fills of my mango and passion fruit drink and I had really nice nachos with sour cream, salsa and gaucomole. Yum!


When I was done, I took the subway back to my hostel and tried to re-arrange my bag with my new purchases.


I didn’t really even buy that much stuff. Just clothes really and some conditioner as I’d run out.
Alicia came to my room and watched me as I packed, then we headed off for a final Ben and Jerry’s get together before I flew out the next day!
And yes, we had another 2 scoop sundae with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Aaaahhhh. We’re just as bad as each other when it comes to Ben and Jerry’s. 🍨🍧


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