Short answer to that heading, I’ve been nowhere!
With my major absence on the blogging front and lack of activity on here you’d think I was off on some big amazing trip meeting so many new people that I didn’t have any time to log on and tell you all about it!

I’ve actually been a combination of super busy and my laptop crapping out on me. I think I stopped blogging when I turned my laptop on one day to actually write a blog post (a follow up on my Rarotonga posts) and the letters Q, E, T, U and P had stopped working. I assumed it was a once-off thing as my laptop is about 6 years old (ancient in computer years) but when I tried re-starting it and waiting a few days it’s still got the same problem. I went out shopping that weekend to ‘look’ at new laptops but there’s literally nothing out there I like. Anyone have a laptop they can highly recommend to me?
Everything looks cheap and plastic-y that I don’t want to spend my money on any of them. HOWEVER there is one laptop that I was really sold on, the HP Envy (touch screen and everything!) but the price tag is around $2600 which I definitely can’t afford to buy right now 😦 so it’s currently on my ‘wish-list’


Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is I’ve got a new job! It’s technically not new as I’ve been there about 4 months now but i’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. It’s all good work though! I’m a Travel Agent 🙂
Obviously with my last few posts I was talking about becoming a Flight Attendant and then it not working out because of my eyesight etc… I then decided maybe it wasn’t meant to be right now so I applied at a big Travel Agency and surprisingly got the job. I have absolutely no major experience in Sales but they gave me heaps of training and as I’m passionate about Travel it’s starting to come quite naturally to me. I love planning someone’s holiday and believe it or not, Travel Agents in New Zealand are kept quite busy. I know not everywhere in the world it’s as big of a thing as it was many years ago because of the internet and everyone booking their own travel, but there are still heaps of people out there that actually don’t want to do it themselves. Plus we can make up some awesome packages and recommend tried and trusted hotels that we personally have been to which takes out the nervousness of going somewhere new.


We genuinely want you to have a good and stress free time, so if your travel agent gives you a flight price and it’s a bit higher than what you saw online, there’s a reason for that! The amount of times I’ve given someone a price of flying to say, London or Bali for a few weeks and they’ve come back and been like “Well I saw it for $200 cheaper online!!” there’s always a reason why. The most common reasons are because you have a terrible layover time (eg, 8 hours until your next flight) or you’re arriving at your destination at a shitty time and still have to pay for a night’s accommodation because you arrive at 1am.



My company Price Beat prices you find online or through another travel agency so we’re very competitive on price. The flight has to be departing New Zealand though so there are a few conditions behind it… if you find anything online, go to your travel agent and see if they can either price match or price beat it. I know all don’t do that but we definitely do.
Plus, you have that reassurance knowing that if anything goes wrong we’re actually here to help you. We have a 24 hour support line of travel agents that can access your booking and help you with flight changes or sorting out hotel problems so it doesn’t have to impact your holiday.


That’s really my reasons for being very quiet lately. I haven’t given up on the blogging, I just need a new laptop and some more time in my life! I’ve been so full-on lately everything is Go-go-go!! If I’m not at work, I’m at the gym trying to lead a relatively healthy lifestyle or at home sleeping in on the weekend until 11am! What can I say? I loooove my sleep.
My boyfriend and I are still together, we were even at the jewelers today and I tried on a ring! Hahahaha, it definitely isn’t what you think though. He was there trying on watches (as always) and I got bored of waiting so asked the store person if I could try on the most expensive ring they had. The boyfriend didn’t even bat an eyelid because he knows I’d be gutted if he got my ring from the place we were at – I’m such a Princess I know.


Not this weekend but next weekend we’re off to Auckland for a romantic getaway (more like Jetstar stuffed up our Rarotonga flights so gave us vouchers to use) and then the weekend after that I have my Travel Agency ball where we all dress up and spend hours getting drunk at a massive arena and clapping our hands when all the top sellers gets awards, yay!
I need to buy new shoes and I’m really thinking of getting my eyelashes done and maybe even a spray tan so I’m all save, save, save right now.

Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stuff to write about soon!


One thought on “Life Update, WHERE HAVE I BEEN?

  1. Brit Girl In BC June 20, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    Hey! I saw you’re moving to Vancouver at the end of the year on a comment on another blog! I’m moving there this July! Good luck and let me know when you arrive 🙂 hope to follow your story on here. xxx em


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