Birthday in Bali! – 23rd August 2022

Today was my birthday so Happy Birthdaaaaay to meeeee!!
As I liked to remind Nathan, it was the most important day of the year so I was expecting to wake up to fresh roses, candles and breakfast in bed but instead I just woke up to sheets that were brown from my fake tan – hahahaha!

I’m just kidding anyways, I didn’t expect breakfast in bed – Nathan knows better then to serve me breakfast in bed as I hate when crumbs get in the sheets.

Today we got up around 7:30am and got ready for our day. I had a blow-wave booked at Jet Black Ginger in Bingin at 10:00am so we went downstairs to have the buffet breakfast before we headed out. (Everyone that knows me knows that I love a buffet!)
I must say though, I didn’t rate the breakfast at Royal Tulip Jimbaran. The food choices were a little boring and the quality was mediocre. Everything looked good at first glance but I’ve definitely had better food in my lifetime.

After eating a piece of toast, a little egg and some fruit, Nathan and I ordered Gojek Scooters to head off to Jet Black Ginger. I appreciate that the Gojek drivers will always try and find the quickest way to your destination so this was definitely the most interesting ride I’d had so far.
My driver took me through all the back roads of Jimbaran and then through some military training! We were driving down this long road when I saw this large battle tank and these armoured vehicles on the street with a whole line up of what I think was the Bali Military standing there in uniform with all their guns 😐
My Gojek driver slowed down (so much so that I thought he was going to stop) and I could only assume we were about to get into trouble for coming this way. Suddenly all the military smiled at us and someone waved us through. Phew!!
I got to the hairdressers safe and sound and Nathan wasn’t too far off behind me. His driver wished me a Happy Birthday so they must have had quite the chat on the 25 minute drive down! 😀

This was my third blow wave since I’d been in Bali and I was really hoping it was going to be good as Jet Black Ginger had great reviews online. I was booked in for a Cream Bath hair treatment and a Blow Wave. Cream Bath’s are very popular in Bali so you’ll see them on nearly every spa’s menu. After shampooing, the hairdresser applies this cream-bath cream to your hair and scalp, then massages it in to enhance the cream absorption. It’s meant to soften and strengthen your hair – especially if you use lots of heat tools on it like I do. My hairdresser did this all for me, then while the cream-bath treatment was in she gave me one of the strongest massages I’ve had in my life haha!
She massaged my neck, shoulders & scalp for a good 30 minutes and did a wonderful job! To be honest, her pressure was probably a bit too hard but I felt like my body needed it.

Once she washed the cream treatment out, she spent ages brushing my hair before she blow-dried it. I should have told her to brush my hair before she washed it as it was really tangled from the scooter ride so it was very hard to brush. I actually felt bad because she spent most of the treatment trying to detangle my hair – woops.

At the end though, my hair looked great! I really enjoyed my treatment so highly recommend Jet Black Ginger to anyone in the Canggu or Uluwatu/Bingin area. They also do nails! I actually wanted to get my nails done when I was there but they didn’t have any availability so definitely recommend booking if you want to visit.

With my hair all clean, I went for a little walk to meet Nathan who was off getting probably his 10th massage of the whole trip.
The massage place he was at was about a 10 minute walk away but with the heat and my hair freshly done I didn’t want to be out in the humidity for too long so I stopped at a few little boutique shops along the way to look at some clothes/use their store air conditioning to cool down haha.

Eventually Nathan came and met up with me and we took a Gojek car to Palmilla Beach Club which is a semi-new beach club located at Melasti Beach in Ungasan. The plan for the day was to drink, swim and relax so I could have a chilled out birthday 🙂 🙂

We paid IDR100k (about AUD$10) for entering the club and there was a minimum spend if you wanted to use the sun beds (which we did) however there was a wait as we didn’t arrive until after lunch time and they were all taken from people who had gotten there earlier.
We said we would sit at the bar on the swings until a day bed became available. From memory, the day beds were about AUD$100 however we got that all back in food and drink credit so it’s totally worth it if you’re going to spend all day there. I think we probably spent around AUD$200 for the day and that was with 1L jugs of frozen margaritas, pizzas etc.. more expensive than local places in Bali but normal price for a westernised place.

I just had a look online for their prices but couldn’t find them. However, I found in my WhatsApp messages a message from them explaining the prices so they’re below if you’re planning on going 🙂

Open: 10am – 8pm

Entry: Adults IDR 125k/AUD$12.5 (for cash) or IDR 100k/AUD$10 (paying by card)

Minimum Spend *as of September 2022*: Tables – No minimum spend, Pool Bed – IDR 500k (AUD$50), Double Bed Rest Area max 4 people IDR 750k (AUD$75), Double Bed Sand Area max 4 people IDR 1mill (AUD$100)

First come, first serve basis. You can’t reserve any beds.

Eventually a day bed became free so we lay down for a few hours, ordered more drinks and enjoyed the music. I may or may not have fallen asleep for a little bit… what can I say, I’m 31 now haha!

We stayed until sunset then ordered a car to take us somewhere for dinner. We couldn’t be bothered going back to our hotel and we’d spent most of the day in the pool so didn’t feel like we needed to freshen up to much.
From my little list of ‘Places to eat in Bali’ I chose this cute restaurant called The Loft. They have one in Uluwatu as well as Canggu. As we were South, we went to the Uluwatu one for dinner.

When we got there, we ordered the Buffalo Cauliflower with homemade sambal sauce and maybe a burger. To be honest, I can’t actually remember as it was over a month ago now and I didn’t take a picture of anything but the cauliflower 😦 I did however take one of our dessert!
A yummy Chocolate Lava Cake and some Carrot Cake. (Enjoyed the Lava cake way more, found the carrot cake not up to my fussy carrot cake standard haha)

In the process of having dinner, I WhatsApped messaged a few tour companies to find out their best price for a day tour to one of the islands the next day. We didn’t have anything organised and wanted to take the boat over to Nusa Penida. One company said they could do it for IDR600k per person for the tour + IDR375k for the pick up and drop off (AUD$60pp + $37.5) so I booked with them and organised for them to pick us up at 7:00am the next day.
I suddenly remembered we didn’t get a chance to collect our washing from the laundry place we dropped our clothes off to that morning and they were about to close so I quickly WhatsApped messaged them to see if they could wait around for us and we’d pay them extra as we were literally wearing our last clothes but they had already finished for the day.
As our driver was picking us up at 7:00am and the laundry place didn’t open until 8:00am I was in a bit of a pickle. They were so kind though and said the laundry person would come in earlier for us the next day so we could get our clothes. Honestly, the Balinese people are so nice!

After we’d finished dinner at The Loft, it was off home for our early start the next morning!

Next Post: Nusa Penida Day Trip!

Apologies if this post was a bit all over the show. I’ve been back and forth with writing this and keep loosing my place. It’s been a very busy week with wedding planning but I’m wanting to write all this stuff down before I head to Bali again in 2 weeks!