Day 64 – Mljet (Croatia)

Wednesday 14th October 2015

While we were in Dubrovnik on the Tuesday, we were told that as the weather was going to be getting worse over night, we would probably have to skip our next destination Mljet, and go to Korčula again instead (the really quiet island we went to a few days ago)


A few people on the boat weren’t happy about that (because there was absolutely nothing to do in Korčula at that time of year) so on the Wednesday morning before we departed at 4am (and I was sound asleep) 7 people from the cruise hopped off and hired a car to go to Bosnia instead.

bosnia herzegovina tours mostar old bridge l ge

The rest of us set sail to Korčula but in a turn of events, we actually ended up going to Mljet. Our captain braved the choppy waters in the end and we arrived safely just before lunch time.
The chef on the boat cooked us some lunch when we’d docked (which I didn’t end up eating as I had a sleep instead) and then myself and a couple of the girls went across to what looked like the only hotel on the island to check out their day spa.
There was one girl working that afternoon and we were all keen for a massage so booked in one after each other for 4pm.


I was pretty hungry as i’d skipped lunch and as there was only 2 really small grocery stores I had very limited choice on what to eat.
I was sick of eating sugary food and all I felt like was some rice crackers and hummus 😐 However that was way too hard to find so I settled on the only crackers that they had in the store and Millie bought a bag of crisps which we shared back at the boat.
Probably one of the most average meals I’ve eaten in my life haha.


At least my massage was good. I’m probably the worst person to massage as ever time I get one on my back I end up giggling and moving the whole time.
I know it’s because my neck isn’t quite right and i have a weird disc in my neck which makes getting back massages in certain places really ticklish. I think from sleeping on buses and using crap pillows everywhere I go it’s made my spine all out of place.
Think I’ll have to book a chiropractic appointment when I get back home to New Zealand.

That night the chef was probably feeling pretty sorry for us as we were all bored out of our minds with nothing to do that he cooked up a BBQ dinner for us.
Yay for french fries!!
After dinner, a few people started playing cards and I watched a bit of Orange Is The New Black on my tablet until it started to run out of battery so I went to bed.
Today was a very very quiet day. I’m not going to lie either, it was probably one of the boring-est days on the trip.


We were told if the weather was still crappy we may have to stay in Mljet for another night which we all were not keen for! We just had to see how the weather turned out.


Day 61 – Korcula (Croatia)

We left Hvar early in the morning, and let me tell you. It’s the best feeling ever not having to quickly pack your stuff and run for a bus in the morning. I woke up to the boat already sailing off to our next destination, Korčula. And I was on it!

Korčula is in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County of Croatia. The island has an area of 279 km2 and is 46.8 km long and on average 7.8 km wide.
It only has aroud 16,182 people and I can imagine in Summer it would just be full of tourists.
However, when we got there it was pretty much a ghost town.


I don’t think I even took that many pictures of Korčula because there just wasn’t anything to show. (I will however add some pictures off Google Images haha)


It had stopped raining when we arrived so we all headed off the boat to look around Old Town Korčula.
There were barely any people, most restaurants were closed, there was 2 Gelato stores with only half the cabinets filled with gelato and the odd souvenir store.
We ended up taking a stroll and then going to one of the restaurants that was open for some food.


We do get food on the boat (the chef makes us lunch) but to be honest, I’m such a fussy bitch and I was not a fan. I think that day it was some type of meat with some potato and knowing me if I didn’t eat it, some mushrooms or zucchini (not part of my food group)

Instead, when we sat down I had some fries (my go-to food when I don’t know what else to get)
And one of the girls got a pizza.
We basically sat there and used their free wi-fi while nibbling on our food and then headed back to the boat after a few hours.

I’m writing this blog a week later so I’m just trying to remember what I did now…
I probably had a nap on the boat or something haha.

When it got to around 7.30pm, our group went to a restaurant that Sail Croatia has a deal with. We basically get free welcome shots and 10% off our meals.
Being honest, the shots were probably Robitussin Cherry liquid forte because that’s what they tasted like.

measuring cough medicine

When we got to ordering our food, we sat outside and I order a chicken burrito thing which I defiantly could have made better myself. I ended up feeding it to the cat that was sitting at my feet (Croatia has a thing for cats walking around everywhere)
I don’t think she liked it very much either.
The drinks were cheap though 🍻 By this stage, I’d out done myself on the Somersby Apple Ciders and my mouth just tasted like sugar from the night before. 😩

We all headed back to the boat to drink some more after dinner (and attempted to play beer pong but had not enough cups) then when it got to 1am we headed to a ‘street party’

Our tour leader said in the Summer it goes off and it’s so much fun.
However when we went, we were the only ones there. Haha! 😑 I ended up getting drunk though and calling my best-friend in the bathroom at some stage to tell her my mares.😁
Then kept hiding in the bushes when we walked back to the boat at 3am. Someone’s gotta have some fun!

I think everyone got bit drunk that night, even though it wasn’t a full-on night I think we all still had a good time.