Work stories and future life ambitions.

Only one more week of work before I go away! (And one day as its Thursday)
I can’t believe that it was back in November 14′ I was planning my trip and now I’m about to embark on a 3 month journey around the world.
Sometimes I think – I wish I didn’t rush into planning this trip because now that I’m about to go, I want to spend longer in some places! I wish I added on South East Asia on the end of my trip. I’ve been to Thailand before so I would have loved to go again and just have no plans and chill out for a bit. Plus South East Asia is so cheap that I would have loved to splash out $40 a night for a 5* hotel!


While I was planning my trip I was concerned with work and if I’d have enough money to travel the world for 3 months.
And to be completely honest, without the massive help from my mum and being a very un-social human being these past 8 months I don’t think I would have had enough money to travel. Everytime someone says to me they can’t save for travel, I always say “book your flights and then save!”. Once you have something set in stone to look forward to it makes you save your money.💲💲
Whenever I think to treat myself to lunch or a few drinks, I always think ‘would I rather have a few drinks here at home, or on my Contiki in Las Vegas’  hmm. …


Not to say I’m perfect however. I defintaly didn’t give up everything. I still bought my M.a.c make up and ordered my Frank body scrubs from Australia.   I still had the odd night out and went out for dinner and kept up my gym membership.🍹 I still needed a life! But not as much of a life as I used to have…
It also helps that I’m still a child and live at home, scrounging off my parents and very rarely buying my own food unless I went out. 😶


If you want to travel, it doesn’t always have to be to the most expensive destination. Somewhere nearby to where you live is still a little adventure in itself. Get a group of friends together and hire a batch out for a couple of days. Volunteering abroad or teaching english is always another way to travel without spending too much money. Before I won my trip, I looked into teaching English overseas or becoming a nanny in the States or Europe.
As I went to beauty school and only received a diploma, it kinda limited me to what countries i could teach in. If you have a degree however you can teach pretty much anywhere you want to. Eg, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand
Teachers in China can earn USD $250-425 Once they’ve completed a TESOL Course.

When I get back from my trip. I need to finally decide what to do with my life. Well that’s what people keep telling me anyways. I’ve always had  job but never really a ‘career’
Back in the day I thought I wanted to be a beauty therapist so I studied that for a year, worked in Auckland and spent 5 days a week massaging people, giving manicures and telling everyone what products they should be using on their skin. My clients were fab, the company I worked for – not so much. Unless you sold lots of products and upgraded every treatment you’d never get a pay rise or any ‘bonuses’. That would have been okay if they didn’t yell at me every Monday and tell me I hadn’t sold anything so to work harder and force me to call up clients so they could book treatments. That’s not really my personality…and after a few too many tears in the storage cupboard I quit.
After that, I worked at a pharmacy. It was pretty chill and if you wanted more money you could try and swap shifts with someone to work the weekends. Some of the people there were so much fun, but there was only so much dusting of a shelf and telling people the cheaper cold medicines had the exact same ingredients as the more expensive ones I could take.

One of my most favorite jobs has been a nanny. I got placed with my first family who I’m still in contact with today. They lived right around the corner from my house when I was nannying for them so I can’t complain about the 8.30am sleep in!
I got along with the parents really well and the kids were great. It ended eventually when the mum became a stay-at-home mum and my services were not required any more 😐

I’m currently working at a radio station which has its perks. But the role I’m in I wouldn’t say it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was thinking of becoming a flight attendant! At least for a couple of years and maybe work my way up or just get the travel bug out of my system haha. I should really talk to the cabin crew on my flights that I’m about to embark on ✈ I follow so many flight attendant blogs on here it just makes me want to become one!

Well this blog is kind of a ramble blog.
I got a new tablet yesterday that I’m really stoked with. I’m gonna take it on my travels too so it’ll keep me entertained on long bus rides!


It seriously has the best graphics. I’m a Samsung girl, so it syncs up nicely with my phone. Apart from my ipod of course. That’s always gonna stay apple… haha
Right, well its nearly home time for me. I’m currently at work typing away on here so I should get ready to head home. 😆