Day 82 Singapore – Brisbane

Saturday 31st October

Is this page wet?
Excuse me if it is, those are just my end-of-travel tears.

Yes, today is my last day of being in another country. Well I guess Australia is technically my last country as I am leaving the airport for a few hours there but Singapore is technically my last country I’ll be sleeping in.

I got up earlier than usual this morning so I could check out of my hostel by 10am.
Myself and my 32kgs of baggage. (Yes I’m over my 30kg allowance but airport staff seem to love me at the moment)
I headed to the airport around 11.30am with all my stuff and had a lovely conversation with the taxi driver. He agreed with me about it being too humid to get out and do anything in Singapore. He told me I should have gone to Malaysia because the temperature is much more tolerable there. I’ll remember for next time…


After paying him $15 for the ride (so cheap I know) I headed to my check in desk and I was like half an hour early. *sigh* no one was there so I went to the GST tax-back counter and put a receipt through so I could claim back some money I’d spent last night on skincare.
You would not believe how much I got back!!!
$5 woohoo!! And what’s even more fun is I put it back onto my card so it’ll take 10 days to show up.
I really should have collected more tax refund receipts when I was shopping… oh well.


Eventually it was time to check in so I put my bags through and then headed off to duty free. I basically spent the very last dollars I had on my travel card (in gifts I may add) and then went and got Subway for lunch.
For someone who hates Subway and thinks it’s not that fresh AT ALL I sure seem to be having it alot lately.
The meatball sub is my flavour of the week 😉


My Emirates flight departed about 3.15pm and for the second time on my travels, I really got into an in – flight movie. This is my third time flying a different Emirates plane and I love how the meal has been different every time and they have new movies every time too. They had alot of the latest new releases so I chose Southpaw on to watch for the next hour or two.
It’s not something I’d usually pick but man it was good!
I was actually really surprised with how great it was. I pretty much cried from the first 45 minutes onwards.
Thank god I wasn’t wearing mascara otherwise I’d be looking like a panda.
God, if you haven’t watched it you defintaly need to!


It was annoying though coz the guy sitting next to me was watching the same movie but he started it before me so I kept catching glimpses of what was about to happen.
Speaking of people sitting next to me, I’ve been lucky so far that when it’s a 3 seater row I haven’t had anyone sitting right beside me. (Apart from my very first flight) and can I just say I hate it.
This guy went to sleep like pretty much straight away and I swear he kept farting coz it kept smelling next to me. Not to mention his ‘bigger than mine’ arms keep overflowing onto my side. Grr. I’m now squeezing up against the window and now my underarms don’t have room to breathe so now I feel all clammy and smelly.
Where’s the roll on!?



It’s currently 9pm Singapore time as I write this and I’m listening to Selena Gomez – Good For You on my tablet.
And alllllso busting to pee.
Guess who’s been drinking a few too many vodka and 7ups.
Can’t believe this shit is free.
I have just over an hour to get to my destination and as I’ve already gotten up to use the lavatory I might just try and hold it.

I hope this blog is making sense. I’m not drunk or anything but you can really have a much calmer time in the air when you have a few cheeky spirits.
I just watched a documentary on The All Blacks and I am now so excited to land and support these guys in the final of The Rugby World Cup. I’m meeting up with my mate Ben from Contiki who lives in Australia (but is a New Zealander) and we’re gonna head out somewhere to see our favorite team play. Exciting!!
I feel I’ve gotten way more into rugby since I’ve left for my travels. I think it’s because it’s one of those things that just connect you to home so when you see someone wearing an All Blacks Jersey or something overseas you immediately get excited and think of home.

If I’ve learnt anything from this trip, it’s to buy a bigger bag but to also appreciate New Zealand a lot more. It’s one of the cleanest places in the world (trust me when I say this) we also have it sooo lucky in terms of how our country is run.
People love to complain all the time about how our country doesn’t help them financially when in other countries it’s 100x worse.
Do you know how many homeless people I saw on my travels?
How many people work 2 jobs just to feed their families and how people rely on tips just to get by.
I’ve had talks with people about how we get government funding for stuff and how we have housing available for people who don’t have a roof over their heads and people look at me in shock like ‘wow your country actually does that for you?’
If we only have the flag to complain about than I’m happy.
I understand that some things however could be better in terms of how our government spends their money, I’m just saying to maybe take a step back and see how lucky we do have it.
John key isn’t too bad. Even if he does look a bit like the gimpy kid at school.

Great, we’ve hit quite a bit of turbulence and now I can’t go and pee. 😣 seat belt signs on kids!

Think it’s time for me to finish this blog but I will be writing up more in the next few days. I still have hostels to review! And the ole’ debate of ‘Is Contiki or Top Deck Better’?



If we don’t win I’ll seriously cry.

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