Days 78-81 Singapore

I thought I’d write all of my days in Singapore in one big blog post!


I’d already written what I did on my first day but the second day was much more exciting!
Just kidding, it wasn’t at all.
I know alot of people are going to say I didn’t experience Singapore enough (Ecspecially people who read this that live there)
And I’ll give it to you, I really didn’t at all.
I even lied to the lady who did my nails and said that I went to the botanical gardens just so it seemed like I ventured outside a mall and experienced what Singapore had to offer.
I’m sorry nail technician, I lied to you.
My second, third and fourth day was spent all in the confines of an air conditioned mall.
Not the same one however, on my third day I mixed it up a bit and took the MRT to Orchard Road where they have like 4 malls and lots of fancy shops lining the street. Think Gucci, Chanel, Burberry etc… I didn’t tempt myself by going inside though. The security gaurd at the door knows I can’t afford it and so does ANZ.



My second afternoon in Singapore (I say afternoon coz we all know I slept in till like 12pm, I’m just trying not to confuse my body too much with these time zones.) Well that was spent at Bugis Junction again.
I even got pizza for dinner there and went to the grocery store. Did you know they have the same egg brands we have? And also they have watties frozen vegetable ‘fresh from New Zealand’
I could already feel that I was closer to home. 😌

I bought enough stuff to fill my bags right up. So much so that I couldn’t even zip them up anymore.
On my last day, I even went back to Orchard Road and went on the hunt for a bag from Forever 21. They usually always have a lovely selection of bags but when I went I wasn’t fond of anything!
I went to Victoria Secrets and was so close to buying a $140 bag but ended up dragging myself away and got an $80 one from Collette instead. I quite like it and it’s a bit bigger than my other ones so will be perfect for sleepovers! 😄

My last night was spent getting my nails done and getting my henna tattoo redone from these lovely girls on Bali Lane.


My arm looks scary pale in that photo haha. That’s what happens when you don’t fake tan in a week!
I also got pizza hut for dinner and sat by myself in the kitchen and ate it at my hostel.
I guess I wasn’t technically alone as there was others around but I did eat by myself 😐
My days in Singapore were relaxed. I did all the shopping I needed to do, slept in for how long I wanted and just chilled out watching Friends on the hostel TV.
I didn’t go to Universal Studios because I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting in the humidity in line (Ecspecially as I hadn’t met anyone to go with)
I didn’t see any gardens because as pretty as flowers are, I’d rather them be given to me then travel ages to go and look at a bunch of them.
There was lots of fog while I was in singapore so I didn’t really see the point of going on the flier if I couldn’t really see much anyways.


That’s my excuses for being a boring Singapore Tourist.
I think Singapore is a lovely place, I just would have enjoyed it more if I was with someone (as no one at my hostel seemed to speak English it was hard to make friends)
Plus I was at the end of my trip where I think I just stopped caring about doing anything. Is that bad to say?
I was never lonely, I actually quite like my own company and I seem to be very independent. I just couldn’t be bothered making plans with people or to make the effort to go out drinking at night.

This blog isn’t to say Singapore is lame, maybe it just wasn’t for me. But I’ve read online about many people who love it!
I’m just one little blogger in the sea of thousands 😄


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